Macquarie Foreshore Event Precinct and Shared Pathway

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In April 2020, following extensive community consultation, the Macquarie River CBD Master Plan was adopted. 

To date Council has been successful in securing funding for both the Macquarie Foreshore Event Precinct, and for the shared pathway.

The Ollie Robbins Event Precinct is at the Construction Certificate stage and the Legacy Shared Pathway (originally boardwalk) is currently at Development Application stage (being assessed).

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220506_Dubbo Plaza Render - Aerial


Summary: The events calendar in Dubbo will have every opportunity to expand with the opening of the state-of-the-art outdoor events arenas with dedicated stage area, sound and lighting at Ollie Robbins Oval in Dubbo’s CBD. The stage will enable the attraction of major year-round events and festivals, with the site also catering for smaller local events for up to 300 attendees. When not in use for major events the foreshore precinct will provide ample space for locals and visitors to relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere near the river and expansive green spaces.

The event precinct will provide accessible, affordable space for smaller community events and support the attraction of major events catering for up to 10,000 patrons, when not in event mode the precinct is designed to be a passive recreation space for the community to connect the river, Tracker Riley cycleway and the CBD. It will enable activation of a range of services such as pop up cafes and equipment hire to support community recreation and events.

Key Project Progression:

  • Development application is approved, awaiting outcome of Construction Certificate
  • As part of development approval process vehicle access to the site is being reviewed. Soil tests undertaken as part of Council’s regional bore investigation project has identified concerns with soil contamination near the site proposed for development. Management of this risk and impacts on project timing is currently under consideration of project managers who are awaiting on further expert advice. Read the Media Release; Precautionary Safety Measures in Place Ollie Robbins Ovals.

Funding: Funding available for the Macquarie River Event Precinct is $3,514,849 made available through the NSW Government - Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund and Dubbo Regional Council. An additional $400,000 specifically for electrical infrastructure upgrades made available through the Australian Government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program Phase 3.  

Timeline: The estimated delivery date will be November 2022.

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Summary: The shared pathway will be approximately 320 metres in length and will have a number of cantilevered viewing platforms overlooking the Macquarie River (subject to avoidance of Structural Root Zones / Tree Protection Zones of the mature River Red Gums). While the funding is predominately for the construction of the shared pathway, it will also improve accessibility to the boat ramp, including a number of adjacent parking spaces for vehicles and trailers. It is envisaged that Stage 1 of the plaza will also be completed as part of the project, which includes areas of terraced seating below the top of the bank, paving and connection to the north pathway and installation of seating platforms in strategic areas. 

The shared pathway will significantly enhance connectivity of the riverbank precinct, especially with the construction of the Event Precinct soon to commence, and the development of a plaza at the end of Church Street. Both the Event Precinct and the Pedestrian Plaza will become social hubs that will attract people to enjoy the riverside setting and the facilities on offer.

Key Project Progression:

  • Development Application is awaiting an outcome

Funding: Dubbo Regional Council has been successful in securing $3 million from NSW Government - Department of Planning, Industry and Environment's NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program, for the Shared Pathway.

Timeline: The estimated delivery date will be mid-2023.

FAQS - What happens to the fitness centre?

The fitness centre will ultimately be removed but retained in the Macquarie River CBD Precinct. The timing of this removal and renewal will be determined by the funds available and the extent of works that can be undertaken on the plaza.

FAQS - Will there be any environmental enhancement?

As part of the development of the Shared Pathway, Council is undertaking planting of endemic riverine plant species to improve the biodiversity value of the immediate area. Some additional non-endemic species will also be planted in strategic locations.

FAQS - Will anything else be added to the area?

Dubbo Regional Council will design and implement an interpretive signage strategy along the shared pathway that will provide information on a number of issues that include River Ecology Fauna and Flora, Indigenous History, Colonial History and the History of the Macquarie/Wambuul and flooding events.

FAQS - What happens if the area floods?

The materials used to develop the shared pathway, cantilevered viewing platforms and the plaza will be able to withstand 1:100 year flooding events; while also being aesthetically pleasing, long life cycle with minimal maintenance. The proposed timber decking for the viewing platforms and seating is Class 1 structural Australian Hardwood that has a life expectancy of 35 to 45 years with limited maintenance; which can be extended with increased maintenance.

FAQS - I thought there was going to be a boardwalk?

The original intent for the shared pathway was to create a boardwalk on the river/bank interface. This option was quickly discounted as highly susceptible to damage by flooding and inundation. Based on these investigations, and advice from civil engineers, the decision was made to relocate the 'boardwalk' to the top of the bank.

FAQS - What will the event precinct look like?

Please see below for a 3D concept created in 2020 to reflect early design elements.


FAQS - What will the overall site look like?

Please see below the overall site plan, including location of the two projects along the Macquarie River. This plan may be subject to change, pending the Structural Root Zones of the River Red Gum.

Approved Boardwalk Site Plans

Last Edited: 07 Oct 2022

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