The works are being undertaken to improve the operation of the storm detention pond by providing a return pumping station. A new effluent outfall pipeline direct to the Macquarie River is to be provided to avoid release of effluent to the adjacent Bushrangers Creek, which passes through land used for cattle grazing.

Works include:

  • Excavation for the pump station
  • Construction of an inlet pipe DN200 DICL from the storm pond to the inground concrete pump well
  • Supply and installation of a DN110 PN16 HDPE rising main from the pumping station to the existing inlet works
  • Supply and installation of an elevated switchboard platform (above the flood level), a switchboard and associated electrical and control systems
  • Pit on the existing outlet
  • Excavation and installation of a 450 mm gravity pipeline (PE 100 PN16 HDPE) to the Macquarie River via open cut excavation or a combination of open cut excavation and directional drilling to avoid deep excavation
  • Construction of an outlet structure on the bank of the river

Budget: $846,510

Status: Completed

Contractor: Fewster Brothers Contracting

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Last Edited: 17 Jan 2022

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