State of the environment

Recent changes to the Local Government Act 1993 outline that the requirement to prepare a stand-alone state of environment report in the year in which an ordinary election of Council is to be held is no longer a requirement from January 2022. However, a report on the implementation and effectiveness of council’s Community Strategic Plan in achieving its social, environmental, economic and civic leadership objectives must include the state of its environment. For further information please visit the NSW Office of Local Government website. Future reporting on the environment will be available within Council’s key integrated planning and reporting documents.

A stand-alone state of environment report will be available in late 2021 for the five year period from July 2016 until June 2021.

Previous Council wide and Regional State of Environment Reports are available below:

More information

If you have any questions regarding the SoE report or process, please contact Council’s Organisational Sustainability Coordinator on (02) 6801 4000 or email

Last Edited: 06 Dec 2021

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