In accordance with clause 11L (2) (g) of the Pesticides Regulation Act, Council wishes to inform the community of the following pesticide use by Council staff on Council controlled property across the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area.

(Please note the following time periods indicate the planned duration, but activities may occasionally occur outside each period for Emergency treatments only).

Noxious Weed Control and Public Open Space Weed Control and Pest Control

Date: 20 February 2020 through until 30 June 2020.                                         


  1. Rural Roads Various                                      
  2. Urban Roads-Medians, Roundabouts, Laneways
  3. Rural Reserves
  4. Various Sporting Ovals and Parklands
  5. Talbragar and Macquarie River Foreshore
  6. Cemeteries
  7. Rural Villages
  8. Water and Sewer Asset Maintenance Program Dubbo/Ballimore/Eumungerie Mumbil/Wellington/Geurie
  9. Enforcement actions  under the Biosecurity Act 2015
  10. Treatment of various pests on Council properties

Purpose: urban /Industrial Weed control, Tiger Pear, Common Pear, Blackberry, Willows, Clover and Broadleaved Weeds in Parks, St John’s Wort, Johnson Grass, Silverleaf Nightshade, Coolatai Grass, Bridal Creeper, Spiny Burrgrass, Turf Maintenance, Turf growth regulation, pest control, Rural Road shoulder Spraying and Priority Biosecurity Weeds.


a)            Kamba- (MCPA 340g/ltr Dicamba 80g/ltr dimthylamine salt)

b)           Halosulfuron Sempra- Halosulfuron methyl 750grm/ltr

c)            Grazon Extra (Triclopyr 300g/ltr Picloram 100g/ltr Aminopyralid 8g/ltr)

d)            Roundup Bi Active – (Glyphosate 360g/ltr)

e)            Brushoff – (Metsulfuron-methyl 600g/kg)

f)             Oust DF – (Sulfometuron-methyl 750g/kg)

g)            Stomp- (Pendamethalin 330g\ltr)

h)            Hurricane 600- (Triclopyr as butotyl 600g\ltr)

i)             Finale-(Glufosinate ammonium 200g/ltr

j)          Starane-(Fluroxypyr 333g/ltr)

k)         Trinoc – (DSMA 220g/ltr +MCPA as sodium salt 70grm/ltr)

l)             Barricade- (Prodiamine 480g/ltr)

m)          Primo Maxx – (Trinexapac-ethyl 120gm/ltr)

n)            Biflex- (Bifenthrin 100g/ltr)

o)            Trimac- (Terbacil 880g/kg, Sulfometuron 40g/kg)

p)            Arsenal Express (Imazapyr 150g/ltr +Glyphosate 150g/ltr)

q)            Cislin (Deltamethrin 25g/ltr)

r)             Monument (Trifloxysulfuron sodium 100g/ltr)

s)            Javelin (20g/ltr Clopyralid,15g/ltr Diflufenican, 300grm/ltr MCPA

t)             Merit (200gr/ltr Imidacloprid)

u)            Destiny (100gr/ltr Iodosulfuron-methyl sodium)

v)            Prolan (500grm/ltr Oryzalin)

w)        DSMA clear 220g/l dsma group z

                           x)         Dimension 240g/l Dithiopyr Group D

                           y)         Drive XL 180g/l Quinclorac group I

                           z)         Banner Fairway 250g/l Propiconazole 630 g/l Liquid Hydrocarbons

                         a1)        Fungol 500   500g/l Iprodione group 2 fungicide

                         a2)        Acelyryn – 200g/ltr Cliorantraniliprole

                         a3)        Gramoxone 360 – 360g/L Paraquat

                              a4)       Round up Power Max – 450 g/L Glyphosate

                              a5)       Lontrol Advance – 600 g/L Clopyralid

Note: Signage may be displayed whilst application is taking place and may remain there until the re-entry period has expired (if applicable) in accordance with DRC Pesticide Notification Plan.

For further information contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on telephone 6801 4000 or email Council’s Team Leader Natural Resources, Des Mackey (email: and Andrew Cosier Council’s Lead Natural Resource Officer Wellington (email:

Last Edited: 20 Feb 2020

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