Corporate Sponsorship Program - Event Attraction

Dubbo Regional Council’s event attraction program has achieved solid successes including hosting rights to two NRL fixtures (May 2021 and 2022) and the NSW Touch Junior State Cup in February 2023. The State Cup will attract more than 10,000 people to the LGA and deliver an economic impact of more than $7M.
In the first quarter of 2023, a further three State-level events will be held delivering 8,000 bed nights and $2.6M into the local economy. Council invested a total of $27,700 in hosting rights to attract these events and multi-year agreements.

Council has developed a program to help generate revenue so the Region can continue to incentivise hosting rights; and the community can continue to benefit via visitor spend, economic growth and job creation.

The Corporate Partnership Program – Event Attraction invites sponsorship from businesses. This sponsorship will be quarantined specifically for the purpose of attracting events. As with any sponsorship program, there are return benefits. These benefits include naming rights to event venues, signage and brand alignment with major event activity and sporting infrastructure.

Expressions of interest from local businesses are now open until Friday 16 December 2022. Submissions will be assessed upon being received.

Want to know more? View opportunities and the answers to frequently asked questions below, or request a staff member to contact you via the Expression of Interest form.


Download the short forms for available facilities below.

Short Form - Apex Oval (PDF 738.3KB)

Short Form - Barden Park (PDF 787.7KB)

Short Form - East Dubbo Sporting Complex (PDF 791.1KB)

Short Form - Riverside Sporting Precinct (PDF 802.7KB)

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FAQS - Why has Dubbo Regional Council created this program?

In partnership with local busineses, Council aims to seek out mass participation events, delivering signficant economic benefits. Mass participation events which involve junior participants will be a focus on the event attraction plan.

FAQS - How does the Dubbo Region benefit from this program?

Major events are key economic drivers, they increase destination appeal, drive visitation during low visitation periods (outside school holidays), incentivise and build tourism potential, create pathways for skill and practioners development, and engender positive community wellbeing.

FAQS - Has Council paid for events to come to the Dubbo Region in the past?

There has been a rise in recent years of event brokers bidding on behalf of major sporting events and event owners seeking hosting fees. To remain competitive Council needs to incentivise events via financial and in-kind support.

Council has recently pledged $27,700 to attract three State events in early 2023. Collectively these events will deliver 8,000 bed nights and more than $2.6M into the local economy.

FAQS - Does Council financially support local events also?

Since 2012, Council has distributed $669,317.66 amongst 252 local events. Funding channels aim to support events in their infancy as well as support events that have stood the test of time. Events that deliver social, cultural and economic benefits have been recipients of the funding over the last decade. Council’s support of the local events industry aims also to improve the liveability and well-being of local residents as well as help to create a sense of pride of place.

FAQS - What happens to local events at the venues?

Council will aim to attract events during periods of time that won't impact local user groups. If an event will impact local events in any way, Council will liaise with those groups in advance.

FAQS - How long do the partnerships last?

Each partnership lasts for three (3) years.

FAQS - What benefits do partnered businesses receive?

Return benefits can be negotiated at the time of expressing an interest, though may include: naming rights, signage and digital promotion.

FAQS - Why are no venues in Wellington open for partnership?

Council will be revising the program in 2025 to identify any potential Wellington spaces that could be included in the next phase of the program starting 2026.

FAQS - Can businesses in Wellington partner with Dubbo venues?

Yes. Any business located or operating in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area is invited to express an interest.

FAQS - Can businesses outside the Dubbo Region partner with Council?

No. Only businesses located or operating in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area are invited to express an interest.

FAQS - Is this to be used for one-off events?

Council will be approaching events that agree to bring their event to the Dubbo Region for three (3) consecutive years.

FAQS - What type of events will be attracted?

Major events that will deliver significant economic and reputational benefits.

FAQS - Why does Council target major sporting events?

Six key reasons why Council targets major sporting events:

  • Economic benefits: Visitors staying overnight in the Dubbo Region spend on average $208* per person per night. In the first quarter of 2023 the Dubbo Region will welcome three events secured under Council’s Event Attraction Program. Combined these events will deliver $10.1M into the local community. The NSW Touch Football State Cup – Northern Conference alone will have a $7M economic impact.
  • Tourism benefits: Sporting events create opportunities for visitors to stay longer, spend more and visit the Region’s tourism experiences. Players, supporters and officials will eat in local restaurants and visit our attractions and activities. Our tourism experiences can be marketed to regional, state and national audiences.
  • Players and supporters fill beds outside school holiday periods: Largely, major sport event activity takes place outside school holiday and long weekend periods. The attraction of major events will help drive visitation to the Dubbo Region during soft visitation periods.
  • Repeat visitation: Competitors and supporters are introduced to experiences in our region and there is a propensity for attendees at sporting events to return with their family/friends for a holiday.
  • Reputation and brand awareness: Sporting events have wide audience appeal and attract significant media coverage particularly if the event is of state or national significance. The Dubbo Region’s brand and its reputation as an events venue will be strengthened by the attraction of each major sporting event.
  • Community well-being and cohesiveness: elite-level events held in our venues may increase sport participation, build volunteer capacity, engender price of place and create excitement within the community.

FAQS - What happens if no events are attracted?

Any funding will be quarantined, to be used for attracting events in the future.

Last Edited: 22 Nov 2022

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