Are you a small business curious about Council procurement? Read the Small Business Guide. (PDF 2.5MB)

Government register of contracts awarded under GIPA Act  (PDF 117.4KB)

See Councils current tenders here or access them using VendorPanel. Interested suppliers can Preview the advertised tender from this link. Under Local Government Regulations Records Maintenance - a record of the names of all parties who received tender documents must be retained. It is why you must be registered on in the specific category appearing in the Preview to download them, it creates an electronic record.

You can self register on the category you are on can adjusted if you have overlooked a category that you supply, once registered on that Category, you can then download the tender.

Supplier Engagement

Council has a fair and transparent processes in place to ensure that its purchasing activities result in the best value for our community and are in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993 and the Office of Local Government guidelines while providing a robust process for communicating and engaging with suppliers, that provides potential suppliers with reassurances that any information shared will be treated equally and confidentially if required.

Doing Business with Council

The Statement of Business Ethics (PDF 454KB) outlines the basis of doing business with Council. By complying with this statement you should be able to advance your business objectives and interests with Council fairly and ethically.

You should also be aware that not complying with Council's ethical requirements could lead to the termination of contracts and loss of future works.

How we purchase

Council carry out procurement using Quotation, Tender and EOI’s processes resulting in a Purchase Order, or by using a Corporate Purchase Card.

For low value low risk supply up to $10,000, Council staff can directly purchase from a local supplier based on a provided estimate.

Purchases with an estimated expenditure between up to $150,000, Council invites quotes from local suppliers registered into a corresponding category of supply on Vendor Panel in the first instance. Only when there are 2 or less local suppliers are non-local also invited, in that instance a Local Purchasing Policy provisions will be applied. These are not publicly advertised. For $150,000 to $250,000 a public request for quote is released through Vendor Panel.

Where the Local Government Act 1993 applies, generally purchases above $250,000 incl GST a public tender process is followed using Vendor Panel. Tender details are available to download and respond electronically when the interested supplier is registered in the corresponding category, that can be adjusted on the Vendor Panel profile. Council also may carry out a public EOI (Expression of Interest) to shortlist suppliers, which is followed with a selective tender process, or to create a panel of suppliers.

How to access Tenders, Quotes and Expressions of Interest (EOI’s)

To access open tenders, quotations and EOI’s, register your business with VendorPanel.

Find more information via the following links:
Vendor Panel 
Procurement Australia
Local Government Procurement
State Government Buy NSW

Where to find open Quotes, Tenders and EOI’s

Tenders are available to preview on Councils website via a link to VendorPanel tenders. Suppliers must register on the VendorPanel Portal to have access to view or download open Quotes, Tenders and EOI’s.

Last Edited: 31 Aug 2021

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