Dubbo Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Dubbo Regional Council is committed to establishing a 15-bed rehabilitation facility, and an eight-bed withdrawal and detoxification facility in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area.

The prevalence and impact of alcohol and other drug (AOD) misuse in Australia is well documented. Qualitative and quantitative data in a business case commissioned by Dubbo Regional Council, indicates that the Dubbo area is disproportionately negatively impacted by AOD misuse.

Extensive consultation throughout the broader Dubbo Regional Council area has identified common concerns related to alcohol and other drug (AOD) misuse in the region. There is a consensus amongst stakeholders that there is a need for an effective residential AOD facility which should:

  • Be accessible and inclusive
  • Cater for both men and women as well as people with dual diagnoses ( the co-occurrence of AOD misuse with a mental illness)
  • Cater for people with criminal histories, including those exiting prison  

Current advice from existing service providers indicates that the cost of building of such facility would be in the vicinity of $5million. The annual operating costs for this type of facility would be in the vicinity of $2.7million.

Dubbo Regional Council has previously announced it would dedicate an appropriate parcel of land to construct the Dubbo Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre (DD&ARC) in the Dubbo Local Government area.

During March 2019, the Federal Government formally recognised the need for the facility and pledged $3 million towards construction.

Dubbo Regional Council seeks financial support from the NSW State Government to fund construction and ongoing operation of an AOD facility.

Last Edited: 14 Sep 2020

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