Traffic and Parking


Heading to the game? Here's all the information on parking, coach parking, and traffic closures.


There will be multiple road closures on the day of the NRL. If you are a resident close to the venue, you may notice increased traffic or pedestrian movement, noise or other changes on the day. If you are a resident of the streets outlined below, you will be provided access by traffic controllers on site during the specified times. You may be asked to provide proof or residence.

Road closures


To help reduce the traffic movement and parking in residential areas surrounding the venue, parking will be available from 10am at the Dubbo Showground. The only parking available at Apex Oval is for people with approved disability permits. These must be displayed at all times.

Council's parking patrol officers will be on duty, so please follow signage and ensure you are not parked illegally.


Drop off points

There will also be pick up and drop off areas available. Please note parking is not permitted in this area at any time, and you will be asked to move on if stationary for too long. This is to ensure everyone can have east access to the venue to drop off game attendees quickly and easily.

Drop off

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Last Edited: 11 May 2021

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