Application for Audit and Risk Management Committee

This form is to be completed if you would like to apply to be considered as an independent representative on Council’s Audit and Risk Management Committee.
Council’s Audit and Risk Management Committee includes two (2) independent representatives who will receive remuneration for their participation in this Committee. One of the independents will become the Chairperson. Current remuneration rates are $1,250 (ex GST) per meeting for the Committee Chair and $1,000 (ex GST) per meeting for the remaining independent member. This remuneration is fully inclusive of all costs including (but not limited to) travel, printing, preparation, attendance and follow up time. Nominations close 9am Monday 7 September 2020.

Please note:
1. The information contained in this application may be used in a report to Council. Such Council report will be a public document. (Details of address, phone and email will be removed before presentation.)
2. The State Government is intending to change the rules under which Local Government Audit Committees operate. Changes could alter the duties of the committee or establish required qualifications. While there is discussion on the topic at, it is unclear what changes will be made. Applicants acknowledge that Council makes no commitment to the ARMC membership arrangements (including any appointment to the ARMC) continuing after any change in audit guidelines made by the State Government. Council acknowledges that members are free to resign at any time for any reason the member considers relevant.
Council’s current Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter is attached for further information.

Last Edited: 17 Aug 2020

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