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Dubbo Regional Council has adopted an Education for Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan 2018 - 2019 (PDF 839.1KB) to promote a coordinated and strategic approach to Council’s Education for Sustainability Programs ultimately providing the community as a whole with the awareness, knowledge, skills, values and motivation to live sustainably.

Why have a Strategy & Action Plan?

The community’s vision for a sustainable future is highlighted within Council’s 2040 Community Strategic Plan with a strong focus on considering environmental, economic and social values in all decisions.

Creating a sustainable future for the Dubbo region requires that individuals and organisations have the knowledge, skills, values, capacity and motivation to respond to the complex sustainability issues they encounter in their daily lives and have the ability to make informed decisions based on a consideration of their environmental, social and economic impact.

Local government is increasingly identified as being responsible for playing a leading role in education for a sustainable community, or Education for Sustainability programs. This is supported by the Local Government Act 1993 which requires councils to have regard to ecologically sustainable development (ESD) in carrying out their responsibilities and the identification of Local Government roles in the State Government’s Premier’s Priorities (formerly NSW State Plan 2021) and Make the Change: A framework for education and engagement for environmental sustainability 2014-2021. In addition, the development of the Strategy and Action Plan is supported by the 2040 Community Strategic Plan under Strategic Outcome 5.9.1 The community and Council is supported in becoming sustainable and An Environmental Education Strategy is prepared and implemented.

Who delivers the Strategy and Action Plan?

Dubbo Regional Council, in partnership with State Government, industry, neighbouring councils, educators and the general community. 

How is the Strategy and Action Plan delivered?

Through a coordinated cross Council approach, with a focus on four key priority Education for Sustainability areas: Sustainable Community; Sustainable Home & Business; Sustainable Future (Children & Youth); and Sustainable Council.  Each area listed in the Strategy and Action Plan highlights a number of future actions to be investigated and completed each year.     

Monitoring, Reporting and Review

Any progress achieved against the Strategy and Action Plan will be reported on by the Responsible Council Officer through the standard Council Integrated Planning and Reporting process:

  • Informal Report for Councillors - Monthly

  • Progress Reports - Every Six Months

  • Annual Report - Annually (November)

Any future education programs being investigated or scoped (e.g. programs not yet identified within Council’s adopted Delivery and Operational Plans) are to be tabled to the relevant Director and/or Executive Leadership Team for consideration and approval before commencement.

The actions within the Strategy and Action Plan will be reviewed by 31 December annually, with revised actions to be incorporated into Council’s Operational Plan for the following financial year.

Download a copy of the Strategy and Action Plan here (PDF 839.1KB).

For further information please contact Council’s Sustainability and Education Officer on 02 6801 4000.

Last Edited: 31 Aug 2018

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