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The Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets (DRLM) is considered one of the largest selling centres in Australia in terms of combined sheep and cattle numbers. In the financial year 2022, 122,289 cattle and 808, 693 sheep were sold through the facility. DRLM began operations as the Troy Saleyards in 1950 at its current site on Boothenba Road, Dubbo.

The facility is owned by Dubbo Regional Council. Producers buy and sell stock on sale days at the DRLM.

13 licensed stock and station agents operate at DRLM, ensuring a maximum of efficiency and service to clients. The sales are supported by meat companies, butchers, farmers and feedlot operators.

The DRLM provides a total contribution of $60.902M in total output and supports 307 full time equivalent positions to the local economy.

Building a Premier Market

The DRLM has been undergoing some exciting upgrades designed to secure the facility as a premier markets Australia wide.

In 2015 a $4.1M upgrade of the sheep selling facilities created yards with additional carrying capacity and a complex designed and constructed with ease of use and animal welfare in mind.

In 2016 construction started on a $6.6M upgrade and expansion of the cattle facilities. This upgrade provides:

  • an additional weighbridge
  • new wagon wheel delivery pen to scales
  • provision of an additional delivery lane - completed
  • provision of double deck loading ramps
  • an additional 126 selling pens
  • upgrade of pre-sale drafting yards and crush
  • additional feed yards

The upgrade to the cattle facilities are funded from the Australian Government's National Strong Region fund matched dollar for dollar with contributions from Council.

All these improvements are geared towards better animal welfare, a safer working environment, greater efficiency and capacity.

EPA Pollution Monitoring 

Download the Environmental Protection Authority's Pollution Monitoring Data (PDF 360.8KB) for the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets

Download the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PDF 1.5MB) and Environmental Management Plan (PDF 4.2MB)


  • The DRLM is located on Boothenba Road 5km north of Dubbo
  • Heavy vehicles including road trains and B-doubles are able to use Boothenba Road from the Newell Highway to access the DRLM
  • Easy access from the Mitchell Highway via Bunglegumbie Road and the Golden Highway via Boothenba Road means the DRLM is linked by three major highways



Last Edited: 28 Jun 2023