First meeting of the Local Representation Committee

By Administrator Michael Kneip

Last week, the first meeting of the new Local Representation Committee was held, with the committee providing valuable input on key matters for the new Council including the draft 2016/2017 Annual Operational Plan currently on public exhibition.

All members contributed positively to the discussions and have agreed to a set of key principles to operate under.

Two principles include opportunity and cohesion; to embrace opportunities which improve services and infrastructure for communities and to bring together and build on strengths of strategies, structures, staff and systems.

There is genuine commitment from all members of the Committee to help ensure Western Plains Regional Council puts in place the right structures and plans to be a strong and successful Council.

Two matters included on the agenda were the appointed name of the new Council and the draft 2016/2017 Annual Operational Plan.

The Committee openly discussed both matters and outcomes of the meeting will help inform Council’s decision making.

The Local Representation Committee will not make formal decisions, but the discussions and outcomes of the meetings will inform the direction Council takes on particular matters.

The Committee emphasised the importance of broad community consultation and ensuring there are opportunities for the community to have input on Council decisions.

One such opportunity is the Western Plains Regional Council’s 2016/2017 draft Operational Plan and Budget, which is currently on display and open for feedback, until 21 June.

This document outlines the budget priorities and schedule of work for the new LGA over the next twelve months. It covers everything from fees and charges to capital works to roads and recreation.
If you would like to have your say on these important matters, now is your time to do so.

The documents are available for download from Council’s website.

Contact your nearest Council branch for information on how to access a hard copy. 


Last Edited: 10 Apr 2017

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