Council to honour three decades of operation in Dubbo for Roger Fletcher

Dubbo Regional Council will formally acknowledge local businessman and entrepreneur Roger Fletcher for 30 years of operation at his company’s abattoir in Dubbo with a formal Mayoral reception.

A Mayoral Minute was endorsed at the December Ordinary meeting of Council that recognised the achievements of Mr Fletcher and his successful operation, Fletcher International Exports.

Mayor of the Dubbo Region Ben Shields said he produced the Mayoral Minute to draw attention to the efforts of Mr Fletcher in strengthening the Dubbo Region.

Fletcher International Exports is the largest private employer in Dubbo and he contributes heavily to the manufacturing sector, which is the second largest industry in the region.

“Roger’s story is not been an overnight success. His is a story of great innovation, hard work, ongoing investment in people and infrastructure, and a proud history in agriculture,” Clr Shields said.

Clr Shields said three decades of success was a landmark worthy of recognition and an opportunity to pay tribute to a community leader.

“There wouldn’t be too many people in Dubbo that don’t recognise just how important Roger Fletcher is to our region. They know his business is a major contributor to the economy and he employs 700 staff, which supports a lot of families in our region,” Clr Shields said.

“What people may not realise though is the other contribution he makes to the wider community through support of community events and projects.

“Without Roger Fletcher, it is safe to say Dubbo wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Last Edited: 17 Jan 2020

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