Councillor Critises High Fuel Prices in Dubbo Region

Dubbo motorists are being ripped off at the petrol bowser with fuel prices amongst the highest in the region and in the state, a Dubbo Councillor has said.

Councillor Greg Mohr is concerned that while the price of unleaded and diesel fuels drop right across the country, that trend isn’t being reflected at Dubbo.

On Thursday E10 the cheapest unleaded fuel available at Dubbo was 132.8 cents per litre (cpl), while in Wellington one outlet offered it for 129.9 cpl. According to the Fuelcheck website the state-wide average was 117.6 cpl and in Sydney some retailers were offering it for as low as 95 cpl.

For diesel most retailers in Dubbo were averaging around 140 cpl, with the cheapest on offer 133.9 cpl. Most Wellington outlets were also around the 140 cpl mark, with the best 135.9. State-wide diesel was averaging 133.7 cpl, with a handful of retailers in Sydney offering sub 110 cpl prices.

Councillor Mohr said it was unacceptable that Dubbo was so expensive.

“Unfortunately regional motorists are used to paying more to fill up but I can’t believe Dubbo is one of the most expensive places in the state. Nearby towns like Mudgee that are normally more expensive than us currently have cheaper options,” Councillor Mohr said.

““There is no good reason for someone to have to pay 30 to 40 cents more per litre compared to someone in Sydney. There are a lot of people doing it tough because of job losses and a tougher climate for businesses. The last thing they need is to be paying an extra $15 or $20 for a tank of fuel.”

He said it could pay to shop around but with the Covid-19 pandemic restricting people’s movements it was much harder.

“There are websites and mobile apps that can show where the cheapest fuel is but it’s little consolation when even the cheapest prices here are well above the state average. When oil prices are at an 18-year low, residents should be able to get much lower prices,” Councillor Mohr said.

“Unfortunately with travel restricted because of Covid-19, it’s not even possible to say to people get your fuel when you are travelling.

“With the NRMA predicting average fuel prices in NSW will fall below a dollar in the next three weeks, I would certainly hope that motorists in our region see the same benefits.”

Last Edited: 17 Jun 2020

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