Independent report into Apex Oval ordered

Mayor of the Dubbo Region Ben Shields has requested the decision regarding the relocation of finals at Apex Oval in the coming months to be determined by Councillors at the next Ordinary Council meeting, on Monday 26 August 2019.

The Mayor has also called for an independent report on the condition of Apex Oval ahead of three major events including the A-League football on the 21 September 2019.

A preliminary report by the analytical diagnostic consultancy service of the Australian Golf Course Superintendents' Association (AGCSA) highlighted concerns about the current condition of the ground in regards to its suitability for an A-League match. The AGCSA have suggested the ground be given every opportunity to recover. Additional seed should be over sown and allowed to establish, providing an acceptable turf coverage. A full report has been commissioned that includes an onsite inspection by the AGSCA of Apex Oval on Friday 23 August 2019.

The call for the report has come after local sporting clubs raised concerns they wouldn’t be able to play their final games on Dubbo’s premiere sporting oval.

“We are aware that this is an important time for finals, and the ability to play on Apex Oval is a significant achievement for our sporting clubs,” Clr Shields said.

“Council is extremely mindful that the decision to potentially relocate some sports from Apex Oval may have a significant impact on players, teams and supporters. For that reason, I have asked that it be elected Councillors that make the determination about this matter.”

“As a Council we need to balance the expectation of our local clubs and the ability to provide outstanding major attractions such as National Rugby Championships and A-League football for the whole region,” Clr Shields said.

The full report will give Councillors the evidence to make an informed decision for their community. The report will take into consideration safety of the players across all codes along with the mid to long term care of the Oval.

Council staff have offered alternative locations for each potentially impacted game, including the use of the other three full sized fields within the Apex Park Precinct, Victoria Park Number 1 Oval and Barden Park.

The decision by Council will be available to stream live on Monday evening (26 August 2019, 5:30pm) via Council’s website meetings or DRC facebook

Last Edited: 21 Aug 2019

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