Vale - Anthony (Tony) George Kelly

Councillors and staff of Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) are deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Anthony (Tony) Kelly, employed by Dubbo City Council from 26 June 1968 until his retirement in November 2004, some 36 years of service.

Mr Kelly started his career with Dubbo City Council as an Assistant Accountant in 1968 before being appointed to the position of Deputy Town Clerk. Affectionately known as ‘TC’, Tony was appointed to the position of Town Clerk on 8 April 1975 and retained this position with varying titles of Town Clerk/General Manager and then General Manager until his retirement in 2004.

During Mr Kelly’s tenure as Town Clerk/General Manager he worked with nine Mayors: Mr Kenneth Marshall, Norman Cox, Harry Glegg, Thomas Slattery, Arthur Mortimer, Anthony McGrane, Gerald Peacocke, Gregory Matthews and Allan Smith.

Current Mayor of the Dubbo Region Ben Shields, said he valued the guidance and vision of such a strong General Manager.

“I was a Councillor during My Kelly’s time with Dubbo City Council and I can honestly say his leadership has had a tremendous impact on the community. We can count as his legacy the treasured recreation assets within the city that are the river corridor, Lady Cutler Park, soccer facilities, Ollie Robbins Oval, Nita McGrath Netball complex and the north Dubbo river bank ovals which include the Dave Martin cricket nets. Additionally the cycleway to the Zoo and around the West Dubbo river bank and across the cycleway bridge to link Tamworth Street are all initiatives of Mr Kelly as General Manager,” Councillor Shields said.

As well as his significant public service, Mr Kelly was a passionate advocate for his local community, and spent much of his personal time contributing to local organisations and sporting clubs including Westhaven Association and Dubbo Cyms Cricket Club.

Mr Tony Kelly died on Thursday 26 November 2020 at 77 years of age.

Last Edited: 05 Jan 2021

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