Mayoral Memo - 30 March 2022

Great service and feedback. Just about every business I know claims that their point of difference is their great customer service and, furthermore, they absolutely love to hear feedback from their clients about how great that customer service is.

And for some businesses that is absolutely true.

In our local business environment, I have had many interactions with businesses where I believed their customer service was exceptional and I have often commented to those businesses about that level of customer service.

Feedback is a little trickier when you are not telling the business owner that their business is the greatest ever. This is where you often see the great businesses shine. How they take that feedback. The great businesses take negative feedback and see how they can use that to improve their business.

Dubbo Regional Council is currently in the midst of inviting feedback from all and sundry on our 2040 Community Strategic Plan. Apart from accessing the document online or physically, we also have twenty dedicated workshops being held virtually and physically across the LGA to encourage further feedback from residents. This document is an aspirational document and we want you to put your big picture thinking hat on and tell us how you envisage the area you live in should look like in the year 2040. What are some of the big opportunities? What are the key challenges we must overcome? What are some of the aspects you value about living in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area?

All feedback and thoughts are worthwhile and no idea is too big or too small for you to express. Do you want Dubbo to be an LGA known for its lack of potholes in 2040 or for its low crime rate? Do you want a focus on per capita income or is transport via more airlines and a tunnel under the mountains of more importance to you?

You have until Friday 8 April to send in your submissions. The submissions can be a few words or an essay. Along with several Councillors, I have been attending various sessions and I have been pleased with the number of people who are keen to engage and discuss their ideas.

The real challenge for Council, and a test of how good this Council is, will be how we deal with that feedback. If we want to improve our LGA and increase satisfaction of our residents and retain residents who choose to live here, then this feedback will be crucial to our plans going forward.

If we treat your feedback with disdain and are too arrogant to listen to your ideas, then the process will have achieved nothing.

I certainly intend to do the former not the latter – but if we don’t, please do not hesitate to give me further feedback at


Councillor Mathew Dickerson
Mayor of Dubbo Regional Council

Last Edited: 24 May 2022

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