$35 Million Police Training Centre Another Boost For Dubbo Airport

It was just a few weeks ago that I spoke about how the state of an airport is a great way to determine the health of a city.

The major announcement on Monday that Dubbo will be the new home of a $35 million Police Training Centre is further proof that Dubbo is thriving.

I have already spoken about how Dubbo City Regional Airport has become a real Emergency Services precinct and the inclusion of this centre confirms that.

Now, there are facilities due to be constructed for the Police, Rural Fire Service, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Volunteer Rescue Association and State Emergency Service. It is an amazing list and will ensure the airport only grows in years to come.

Incredibly though, due to good planning there is still plenty of land available at the airport and I hope there will be more to come.

Focusing on the Police Training Centre, it is a great development for our city to have. It essentially means that police officers from all over the Western Region will come to Dubbo for their advanced training.

Included in the plans are lecture rooms, a state-of-the-art pistol range and a building to simulate Active Armed Offender scenario training.

It will dramatically reduce the amount of time police officers have to spend away from their jobs and their families for their mandatory training.

Previously, these officers would have been forced to travel to the likes of Sydney, Newcastle, Goulburn or even Coffs Harbour for this training.

Along with the Rural Fire Service training facility, this will result in approximately 100 emergency service and police personnel in Dubbo for training each week, a boost of close to 5000 people coming to the city every year.

The Dubbo City Regional Airport was chosen as a venue because of the great connectivity. These police officers will come from all over the Western Region, an area that encompasses 65 per cent of the state, and by being located right at the airport, some officers will have the option of flying in directly, especially as Dubbo looks to expand the number of locations in Western NSW it flies to.

Because its location right next door to the RFS training facility, it will also be able to utilize and share the 100-bed accommodation that will be constructed as part of that project.

Council understood the importance of this facility and how it would complement our other plans and that is why Council was willing to contribute the land to make the project happen.

NSW Police have welcomed the announcement, saying it will save them time and money, and will also allow them to tailor training to officers about issues relevant within this region including rural crime and emergency management.

From a Council perspective, the economic benefit during both construction and operation of the training centre are a tremendous boost to the local economy.

I would like to thank the NSW Government and congratulate them on the announcement of the Police Training Centre. I look forward to the fantastic impact this facility will have on the Dubbo Region once it is constructed.

Last Edited: 01 Mar 2019

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