CBD Rejuvenation Key to Dubbo's Strong Economy

This day and age it’s incredibly important to get a city’s CBD as attractive as possible.

Main Streets are going through massive change.  Not only do they have the traditional struggle of keeping foot traffic up and competing with indoor shopping centres, but they also now have the much bigger challenge of online shopping that continues to chip away at their retail market share.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for our local retail precincts.  The experience around the world is that when local authorities like Councils intervene and coordinate an evolution of a CBD, it can not only survive - but thrive with a differently-focused purpose for the city.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that retail is contracting due to the massive growth of online sales.  But there are other areas of our society that are also experiencing significant growth that we can hook into.  Events and hospitality are the obvious growth industry sectors that Dubbo can take advantage of.

As people get busier, cooking at home is a lesser occurrence and people are wanting more dining options that’s not just about a meal - but an experience too.  Australian CBDs need evolve into this model sooner rather than later.

I’m extremely proud of the fact that in Australia it’s Dubbo that is leading the way in CBD rejuvenation.  You only have to look at our hyper increases on Christmas festivities to see a CBD that is getting more vibrant each and every year.

But what’s most impressive is Dubbo Regional Council’s soon to be big infrastructure improvements that will cement our CBD as the most appealing CBD in regional NSW.

The redevelopment of the Old Dubbo Gaol precinct which includes the demolition of the National Parks and Wildlife building at the front to create a civic square will add a valuable alfresco experience combined with a much more significant emphasis on tourism and events. 

The planned kinetic art display on the old red brick telecom building behind the clock tower, which once installed will be the largest in regional Australia, will showcase the area in a way that can rival any international regional centre.

Council’s coming redevelopment of the Macquarie River foreshore directly adjacent to the CBD will add a parkland atmosphere that is vibrant, with outdoor entertainment facilities like an amphitheatre, which will draw visitors from all over the country.

Grand private developments like the accommodation, retail and hospitality development at the old Daily Liberal site by MAAS and the incredibly stylish resort-like apartment tower on the corner of Church and Bligh Streets will pump more people into the area that will make the area commercially stronger.   Council is planning for more people to actually live in the CBD and we welcome these private developments with open arms.

We have a lot going on in Dubbo’s CBD that is more than just a once-a-generation change.  It’s a total change in direction that will put Dubbo on the national stage for hospitality, events and tourism.

It’s vital that Dubbo continue on our journey of thinking differently and embracing these new and exciting changes in our society.  We have a real opportunity to make our CBD special for generations to come.

Last Edited: 05 Jan 2021

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