Chance for Candidates to have a chat with the Mayor

Over the last few weeks I have been quite vocal about the upcoming state and federal elections and the importance of candidates and parties delivering for our region.

We have been lucky to receive significant funding in recent years for major infrastructure projects which has allowed significant progress and growth to occur.

I can’t overstate how important it is that funding keep coming and those who are elected on March 23 for the state election and in May for the federal election will play an important role in that.

I want to work closely with the other two tiers of government to ensure Dubbo doesn’t miss out.

It is important that our region be able to get its fair share and the next term of state government is going to be an important one with the $4.1 billion available from the Snowy Hydro sale.

When we all head to the polls in 10 days’ time, it is important that people understand where each of the candidates stand on local issues and they have explained how they will work for their community.

To find out where the state candidates sit on various issues relating to local government, I have invited them to spend 10 Minutes with the Mayor.

The idea is I have created a list of questions and put these to our candidates on camera, and then upload the videos to Facebook so people can see where they stand.

All seven candidates have been invited the uptake has been very good, with several already sitting down with me to film their piece.

Questions relate to how they intend to work with other elected officials from tiers of government, how they would continue to secure large amounts of funding for this electorate and what they can offer voters.

Importantly, I want to hear how candidates would be able to work with the party that will form government, especially if it isn’t their own. Any MP that isn’t a part of the elected government has to work even harder to ensure their electorate is getting what it needs.

They will also be asked about their position on some key issues such as their plan for improving hospital car parking, where they stand on the River Street Bridge, and what they would do to bring a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre to the region.

Some candidates have already announced their plans on some of these issues but in the interest of equality, they will all be asked the same thing and given the same opportunity to respond.

It may also be harder for people from smaller parties or independents to make funding commitments on some issues but if these people hope to represent our electorate, they have to be able to explain how they will represent us effectively.

Once these videos are placed on my Facebook page, I hope people will find them informative and enlightening on issues of importance. I hope they will be released by Monday, 18 March.

Last Edited: 13 Mar 2019

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