Council set to honour Roger Fletcher for 30 years in business

Last week I presented a Mayoral Minute to Council proposing to acknowledge three decades of operation in Dubbo for Roger Fletcher. I am pleased to say that my fellow Councillors saw fit to endorse that motion and next year we will hold a formal Civic Reception for Roger.

It was 30 years ago that Roger decided to make Dubbo the home of his abattoirs and the base for Fletchers International Exports (FIE). How fortunate for the city that he did. In that time he has become a leader in the supply of lamb and other agricultural products within Australia and 90 countries across the world.

He is the largest private employer in Dubbo, with around 700 employees working out on Yarrandale Road. In a city like Dubbo, it is difficult to emphasise just how important his presence as an employer is.

One thing that is very clear is that if Roger had chosen to establish himself somewhere else, Dubbo would be much worse off.

There is no doubt he has brought our region along what has been a fascinating ride. Meat and Meat Product manufacturing represents a major portion of the overall economic output generated by manufacturing in the Dubbo Region. Manufacturing has a total industry output of $888m and is the second largest Industry sector in Dubbo of which FIE is a significant contributor to.

Showing his no-nonsense approach, in 2015 when he needed a more efficient way to get his produce to port to export it, he purchased trains and carriages, and installed his own siding to get goods to Port Botany.

While the impact of Fletchers on the economy of Dubbo is quite clear to see. The role he plays on a social level is just as important but not something everyone realises.

In fact in just two weeks’ time, when thousands are sitting and watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Dubbo Showground, it will be because of support from Roger. The Fletcher Family has sponsored the event to ensure it happens and the Fletcher Family is regularly listed as a sponsor for events around the region.

He is a patron of great local charity Westhaven and proud supporter of the Get Real program, which encourages children to make the most of their education and make a plan for post-school employment.

Just recently you may have heard Roger on the radio, having made advertisements encouraging people to reduce their water usage and reminding everyone that we are all in this drought together.

These are just a couple of examples of the work Roger does behind the scenes.

Council has an obligation to recognise good work when it being done and I feel a Civic Reception is fitting recognition for Roger. He is a notoriously humble person but I hope he will be willing to take part and Council will work with him to organise the reception for early 2020.

Last Edited: 18 Feb 2020

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