Council to continue good work across Dubbo region for upcoming 12 months

Last Thursday was the second Mayoral election held by Dubbo Regional Council and I was extremely honoured that Councillors elected me to lead them and lead the region for another 12 months.

I am looking forward to working with Deputy Mayor Stephen Lawrence to progress the entire region and build on the fantastic work that has been done. I am very proud of the steps forward that Council has taken with a unified group of Councillors at the helm.

It hasn’t been easy for two very different Councils, Dubbo City and Wellington, to merge into one. The harmonisation process hasn’t been an easy one, and there is still a lot more work to be done, but I think the feedback is that the Council has made the best of it.

There has been so much good work going on. Council has been the project manager for a large number of infrastructure projects over the last two years, including the Adventure Playground, upgrades at Dubbo Regional Airport, the new VRA-SES headquarters and the new Cycle Club facility. Staff have done a fantastic job with these and there shows no sign of this slowing down. Masterplans for the Dubbo Showground and the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre will also give Council a plan for the future with these vital locations.

It’s not just projects Council look after that have progressed. Another particular highlight was the former RAAF Base finally getting approval and the developers able to start moving ahead with their plans to revitalise that site. It has been an eyesore as Council after Council found reasons to delay the project. That has now come to an end and it shows Dubbo really is open for business.

Another project that has taken a long time to come to fruition but is now making ground is the disability-friendly toilet at the Cyril Flood Rotunda. This is a great addition that will make our CBD more accessible, and is part of a wider plan to make Dubbo the most disability-friendly regional city in Australia. There is more to come on this important issue.

I am very proud that your Council is taking fiscal responsibility very seriously. Last year more than $10 million in savings were identified and we will continue to look for more opportunities but they must not come at the sacrifice of services or important infrastructure.

Similarly this Council will not just put up rates, fees or charges to make more money. We showed that by voting against a 5 per cent increase in water charges, instead opting to keep the increase in line with CPI.

Council is also investigating a switch to LED street lighting, which will provide us with the latest technology, and brighter, whiter lighting, as well as being more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run.

Rest assured that in the coming 12 months, Council will continue to look at ways to make our great region even better.

Last Edited: 18 Sep 2019

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