Council's focus on positive future for Wellington

In recent times positivity has certainly been increasing in Wellington but it’s important that we as a community continue to focus on moving forward and not looking back.

The new $8 million plus Aquatic Leisure Centre Development is an example of how rapidly Wellington has been moving forward since the amalgamation of Dubbo City and Wellington Councils.

And there is more to come.  In the coming months we will see the opening of the $3.8 million Wellington Caves Visitor Experience Centre as well as the brand new Wiradjuri Tourism Experience Centre in Cameron Park.

A state-of-the-art new Visitor Information Centre in the Council building and a new Oxley Museum in the Old Police Station will also open. Not only that, Council has been spending a record amount of money on urban roads, rural sealed and unsealed roads, and is also making a dent in an infrastructure funding backlog that many residents are delighted to finally see happen.

In fact, right now we are in the middle of the biggest public capital works program in the history of Wellington.

These new infrastructure projects are a direct result of funding received following the merger. More is to come and I know that the community will further embrace the town’s new-found confidence when more facilities are opened.

However, it is important that the community remains positive about these new changes, knowing that without growth and development, a community goes backward. 

At the time of the initial merger, some in the community campaigned against the redevelopment of the pool, others were angry about the bird cage being taken away from the Caves and some were even focussed on supposedly not having the right kind of style and font on the new town logo! Thankfully the community has largely come to see that the new merged council and councillors are in fact working as hard as they can to make Wellington the best it can be. 

In my view, Wellington has great potential and a fantastic future ahead of it.  We can and should move forward in a positive way. That’s not to say that there are still some challenges that need to be acknowledged and worked on.  

I would like to see retail confidence return to the town.  While it is not possible for a Council to simply instruct new shops to open, we certainly can work out a way to make the town more economically viable.  Take for example the recent #buylocalorbyelocal campaign that was spearheaded by Jess Gough from the Wellington Business Chamber and Council.  Well over $300,000 was added up in receipts collected in entry forms.  Retailers embraced the idea and certainly got behind the promotion.

Campaigns like #buylocalorbyelocal are a fantastic way to grow momentum among retailers.

In the coming weeks council will be coordinating one of the most exciting Christmas promotional programs that the town has ever seen.  I can’t give away too many secrets yet, but I can assure residents that they will be delighted with the program proposed. 

The key to Wellington’s future success is positivity.  I for one am very excited about the town’s future.

Last Edited: 05 Dec 2019

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