Dubbo Not Getting a Fair Go From Government When it Comes to a Bypass

Spend just 10 minutes searching Google and you are likely to find the following recent highway bypass works that the State Government is building with a mix of state and federal funds.

Here is a quick snippet:

  • Singleton Bypass $560 Million

  • Muswellbrook Bypass $266 million

  • Scone Bypass $137 Million

  • Coffs Harbour $1.8 Billion

  • Woolgoolga to Ballina new highway $4.9 Billion (which includes the Grafton Bypass)

  • Newcastle City bypass $360 million

  • Berry to Bomaderry (includes bypasses) $450 Million

  • Parkes bypass $172 Million

  • Coonabarabran Bypass $11.5 million (just to plan only)

  • Moree Bypass $30 million

With all these (and more) recent bypass projects, one needs to wonder why Dubbo is missing out on our own bypass.

Why would they build a Newell Highway bridge that does not take a single car out of West Dubbo?

Why are they building a project where primary aged school kids still have to cross a major trucking transport highway just to walk to school?

Why are they content in inhibiting Dubbo’s growth that will strangle our city with traffic?

What makes Parkes, Moree, Coffs Harbour, Scone, Muswellbrook, Coonabarabran and Orange (plus more) better than us?

Why doesn’t the State Government understand that Dubbo’s geographical location at the centre of the state, with major highways crossing through, means it needs real infrastructure attention?

To me, the most important question is why billions are being spent on Sydney transport infrastructure?  Of course the government will say it’s because of the massive population increases in Sydney.  However, they won’t mention that Sydney’s population has increased in an unsustainable way due to decades of poor planning from the government to begin with.

The reality is we are being taken for mugs.  For whatever reason we have people from the RMS, who are not from Dubbo, thinking they know what is best for the city without any regard for local knowledge.

I have mentioned in detail in earlier posts that modern bypasses with better planning and zoning requirements actually lead to an economic boom.  Like the small distributer in Orange, a bypass to the west of Dubbo would bring the opportunity for more businesses like motels, restaurants and transport companies.  It would even lead to Dubbo having its first decently-sized truck stop.  A dedicated bypass with a high-level bridge at Troy would give direct access to both the saleyards and abattoirs for trucks coming in from the west.  There is absolutely no doubt that the bypass would enable Dubbo’s growth and economic fortune to continue for decades to come.

But it’s unlikely we will see this bypass if over $210 million is spent on the River Street Bridge.  It’s a simple equation.  Treasury officials will be questioning why Dubbo needs a few more hundred million dollars after they have just spend $210 million.

The State Government knows the value of bypasses.  Even Google says so.  For the safety of our children, the long term economic feasibility the city and for a less congested traffic in Dubbo, the only option is for the State Government to treat Dubbo as fairly as it does with all the other big regional centres who are getting a bypass.

Last Edited: 04 Jan 2021

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