Exciting times for Wellington

Council is about to embark on the next step in revitalising the Wellington CBD.  I’m happy to let the community know that the Development Applications have been approved for the path system that will connect Bell Park and Cameron Park with the future goal to reconnect Cameron Park with Pioneer Oval. The quotations for these two path systems will be open from 1 May through to the 28 May 2019.  One thing we know from our experience in Dubbo is that organised park runs and general fitness using public walkways along the riverbanks are now incredibly popular.  Tracker Riley Bridge and the associated paths and walkways are well utilised in Dubbo.  The good thing about Cameron Park and the Bell River is that this location is even more prominent with more potential than the well regarded facilities in Dubbo.

Council is currently exploring funding options to reconstruct the pedestrian foot bridge that once connected Cameron Park and Pioneer Ovals. By replacing the bridge with a new structure we can ensure that it meets the need for members of the whole community. The new bridge will be accessible for people with disabilities where the current structure has stairs that in many cases makes it impossible for our residents with mobility issues. There is no doubt that the site of the old pedestrian bridge sitting desolate for many years has annoyed many locals.  It is one of the main things that locals bring to my attention and rightfully so.  Cameron Park is one of the best parks in regional NSW. This old bridge sitting there, falling apart does not do any justice to the historical and visual splendour that is Cameron Park.

Locals can also get excited about the new playground that is planned for Cameron Park. Council have been successful in securing a further $193,000 in funding from the NSW Sate Government  “Everyone Can Play” grant that adds to an initial $280,000 received from the Stronger Communities (Major Projects) funding received as part of the merger between Dubbo City Council and Wellington Council. These funds will enable the renewal of the playground in the heart of Wellington’s Cameron Park. Coming very soon will be the community’s chance to vote on their preferred playground design, so make sure you keep an eye out on Council’s Facebook page, staff will also be conducting voting sessions on site next month. The new bridge, along with walking tracks connecting Cameron Park, the new Aquatic Centre and new playground will be game changer for passive recreation in Wellington.  By encouraging more people to use the CBD and Cameron Park areas, we are also putting vital foot traffic into the CBD which is essential if new retail businesses are to open. As part of the redevelopment of Cameron Park Council will soon be commencing construction of new a new toilet block. These new amenities will be better positioned to service the new playground, park and visitors. The existing amenities will be retained until the new facilities are constructed.

I have also been in discussions with various MPs and government departments in regards to the war memorial. Alarmingly our marvellous Winged Victory monument is structurally starting to fail.  It is very important that this be repaired before any serious damage is done. At the April Ordinary Meeting of Council held last week, Council agreed to seek external funding to repair  “Winged Victory,” which is the statue at the Wellington war memorial. The “Winged Victory” memorial was sculpted by Gilbert Doble in 1928. Unfortunately this amazing sculpture is deteriorating due to its age, weathering, vandalism and the process to which it was originally created. If successful in securing funding we are going to look at some options to slow down the deterioration process which may mean housing the structure indoors until a replacement is cast. It is a very significant item in Wellington’s history and we would like to do all we can to keep to preserve it.

Repairing  grand statues like Winged Victory is not cheap, it can only be done with either state or federal government assistance. 

There is no doubt that the coming 12 months will see exciting works around Cameron Park and our CBD.  What an exciting time for Wellington!

Last Edited: 06 May 2019

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