Exciting times for Wellington with pool opening


This weekend is a significant and exciting moment for community with the new Wellington Aquatic Leisure Centre opening. To ensure the entire community has a chance to enjoy your amazing new facility, I have proposed reducing the entry fee to a gold coin donation from the official opening on 16 November, 2019, through until 26 January, 2019.

I will table the Mayoral Minute proposing Gold Coin entry to an extraordinary meeting of Council at 5pm on Thursday, 14 November, 2019. Councillors will vote on the proposal and I hope they will see the value in it.

Part of the reason I am proposing this is as a thank you to everyone for their patience during the construction period. While it was certainly an inconvenience to go without a pool for the 2018-19 swim season, and the first few weeks this season, but it was necessary to complete the pool build and do it properly. There were also additional problems detected during the construction phase, caused by a large leak from the old pool.

And I really believe that everyone will be very pleased with the final product when they see it. Earlier this week I had the chance to go out and inspect the centre and I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. The new 50-metre Olympic Pool looks fantastic, with disability access and the heated exercise and learn-to-swim pool will be beneficial to people of all ages.

The children’s splash pad is another great feature and a welcome addition to add to the family-feel of the centre.

There is also more opportunity to hold events there with a new multi-purpose room that is capable of holding functions such as birthday parties. There are also new showers and amenities that help to modernise the complex and add to its appeal.

To show Council’s appreciation for the community’s understanding, I am proposing entry to the pool to be a Gold Coin entry from 16 November 2019, the day the pool officially opens, through to 26 January 2020. Approximately a 12-week period will allow people to try the new facilities and enjoy them during the warmest months of the year.

Council have estimated it would forego around $30,000 in income over the duration of the gold coin entry. However I believe this would be well worth it for people to have the chance to attend your great new pool complex at a reduced rate. A percentage of the money raised by the gold coin entry will also be donated to charity. The amount and charity will be finalised soon.

I have also asked for a number of family fun days for the Dubbo and Geurie Aquatic Centres during the similar period. These are to be organised using a Gold Coin donation for entry and include inflatables, games and activities for patrons.

I will also be holding a Meet the Mayor on Wednesday, 13 November, between 9am and 12pm at Made in Wello, and at Stuart Town later that evening at the Ironbark Inn, between 4pm and 7pm. Please feel free to come along and talk to me.

Last Edited: 05 Dec 2019

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