Kmart Opening brings Crowds and Reinforces Dubbo's Retail Offering

Kmart has opened in Dubbo and if the lines at Dubbo Square are anything to go by, their arrival has been a hit with local residents of Dubbo.

One of the things that excites me about Kmart coming is that it will cement Dubbo’s position of having the biggest and best retail facilities of any Inland NSW city.

Having a large variety of retailers is important. It is important to our economy because of Dubbo’s position as a service hub for Western NSW and the fact that we have competing “hubs” who we cannot afford to lose market share to.

More than 130,000 from people from Western NSW use Dubbo as a destination for retail, medical and business activities. In some cases, they travel hundreds of kilometres to do their shopping. If Dubbo does not have the retailers they want, they simply go to another city that does. We need to attract as many dollars to Dubbo as opposed to our competing cities like Orange, Tamworth and even Parkes.

The fact that Kmart not only kept the existing Target staff, but also employed dozens more shows that they expect the business to be extremely successful. Successful retailers is exactly what Dubbo needs. No longer will Dubbo residents need to travel to Orange for Kmart and Dubbo as a destination continues to be miles ahead of Orange and its other competitors for retail facilities.

There has been some chatter around the city that I am only seeking to attract the big guys of business to Dubbo. I’d like to set the record straight when I say I am keen for all businesses to do well in our region. It’s for this reason I asked Council to adopt a new Local Purchasing Policy that mandates Council to buy from local businesses before any others.

The days of Council buying from suppliers who are hundreds of kilometres away without giving a second thought to our own locals has ended. For me, making it a firm Council policy of buying local is one achievement that I will am very proud of. It’s my view that if we actively open up our region to new business and industry, while at the same time supporting our existing business and industry, we will see the Dubbo thrive with more jobs and opportunity.

Last Edited: 04 Jan 2021

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