Maranatha money a welcome boost for the community

Last week we saw a fantastic announcement from Federal Calare MP Andrew Gee that funding has been granted for Maranatha House to build a childcare centre.

$1.5 million has been given to Wellington’s Aged Care provider to build an ‘intergenerational’ childcare facility. It’s estimated that up to 15 additional staff will be needed for the new service.

I’m no expert in aged care or childcare, but I am told that this revolutionary new approach to these merged services leads to much better outcomes for both the aged care residents and the children.

Wellington has not had adequate childcare facilities for many years. Without child care, it severely hampers any effort to economically grow the town, as workers we are trying to attract to the town often need childcare. 

Thanks to Maranatha, another piece of the puzzle will be added to what is shaping up to being an exciting future for Wellington.

Dubbo Regional Council was more than happy to play a role in assisting Maranatha’s funding application for this facility as we see it as essential for getting Wellington on track for growth.

The health precinct that includes the Ambulance Station, Wellington Hospital and Maranatha House has great opportunities to further enhance and develop new health services for the community. Even though Maranatha has recently expanded their bed capacity, Wellington still has a large aged care bed shortage.  

While last year’s closure of Belhaven was a big loss to the community, the new need for extra beds in Wellington should see Maranatha’s role expanded into a large first class aged care facility that our entire community can be proud of.

I am very enthusiastic for Maranatha to further expand and work in partnership with the Hospital. In my view, there is an ideal opportunity to construct a Hydrotherapy pool between the two facilities. 

We all know that Hydrotherapy is one of the essential rehabilitation and aged care treatments and therapies so it would be a great asset to the local community if we can get the state and federal government on board for such a facility.


Your Council will soon be launching the Your Dubbo Region Card to Wellington. The card, similar to a standard EFTPOS card, is a gift card that is able to be accepted at participating Wellington and Dubbo businesses. 

It’s designed for people to be able to purchase a gift card that can only be used in the local region so that the money stays local.  Further details of the rollout of the initiative is to be announced in the coming weeks.


Thank you to the people who came to see Councillors and senior staff at last Monday’s informal council catch-up at the Bowling Club. Our next meeting is due to be held in July and details will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Last Edited: 13 Mar 2019

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