Mayor's Column 16 January 2019

One of Dubbo Regional Council’s biggest assets is its determination to look for every opportunity to attract new businesses and industries.

My theory has always been that if you promote Dubbo for every commercial opportunity that arises, even if you attract one it’s a great outcome.

I’m pleased the Council staff have the same attitude and it is why we won’t hesitate to put Dubbo forward as the potential new home of any opportunity.

The Qantas Pilot Academy was a great example of that. Not too many people would have thought Dubbo would stand a chance but we came up with a clever campaign that got the attention of Qantas and not only made it through to the shortlist of locations but earned a special mention from Qantas.

We are still waiting to hear back on whether we have been successful for the second academy but regardless of the outcome, I would still call our campaign a success.

It is a similar story with a recent information package that our Economic Development team has sent to Coles recently.

We became aware that Coles intend to close some of their existing distribution centres and move to new automated centres, having stated its intention to place one in NSW and one in Queensland.

No timeframe has been set on when this will occur but Council made the decision it could be beneficial to approach Coles and show our enthusiasm and our capability to be the location for such a facility.

Reinforcing to Coles that we have abundant land that is suitable to them and that our location on the crossroads of three major highways, connecting the capital cities on the Eastern seaboard would be an advantage.

Our Economic Development team did a fantastic job preparing the package and I certainly hope Coles look at it closely and consider Dubbo on its extensive merits.

I said when I announced this move that the facility would be mutually beneficial for Council and Coles. It would have the potential to bring hundreds of new jobs to Dubbo and boost the economy, but would also make Coles’ distribution across the entire Eastern seaboard straightforward thanks to Dubbo’s central location.

This kind of lobbying to Government and industries is an important part of Council’s role. We know Dubbo is a fitting location for many of the facilities that Australia’s biggest companies are looking to build. We just have to show or remind them it is the case.

I don’t think a Council could ever be accused of being too proactive or lobbying for too many projects. We will continue to look for these kind of opportunities into the future.


Council has unveiled a plan to increase the amount of shade available at our parks over the next four years.

Between now and 2022 Council will increase the shade at Victoria Park, Lions Park, Muller Park, Theresa Maliphant Park, Spears Drive, Rosewood Park, Powter Park and Joira Road.

This is a substantial investment that has been brought about because of concern from the community.  We have these fantastic facilities but at certain times of the year, they can become almost unusable because of the weather and the temperature. With additional shade, these might be more usable during the November to February period when it is so hot.

This is part of a major investment into our city’s parks and gardens. From the incredible facility that is rapidly taking shape at Elizabeth Park, through to the redevelopment at Victoria Park, all this is designed to make our city more liveable for our existing residents and inviting for potential new residents.

Dubbo is very fortunate that we have plenty of room to expand and like some towns and cities, we don’t have to reduce the amount of parklands to fit more housing. It is just another example of why Dubbo is such a great place to live.

Work starts this year and will continue through until 2022.

Last Edited: 16 Jan 2019

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