Mayor's Wellington Column 28 November 2018

 I would like to say a big thanks to the Federal Member that represents the Wellington side of the Dubbo Region, Andrew Gee, for a $1 million drought assistance package.

The funding, announced in August, will allow Council to implement three projects that will help our communities get through the drought.

Through the lobbying of Calare MP Mr Gee, his colleague for Parkes Mark Coulton, and others who understood the severity of this particular drought, this money was made available.

Your Council has looked carefully to find projects that would meet the criteria of helping to stimulate the economy, generating local employment during construction and help businesses and services.

Council has moved to apply for $560,000 to go towards an additional water source for Stuart Town. It will allow the installation of a bore and storage tank that will supply non-potable (not suitable for human consumption) water.

It will be a boost for 250 residents in the area but also for campers who may come to stay at the recreation ground. The Boehme’s Hall Committee have been very vocal about this and it will be a great benefit for the entire region.

The villages play a critical role because they offer a genuine lifestyle alternative from the larger population centres of Dubbo and Wellington, while being close enough to utilise their shops and businesses.

We have to do our part by ensuring they have access to good facilities and services.

Council will also apply for $245,000 for an accessible toilet for the Dubbo CBD and $195,000 for shade sails at the Regional Livestock Market.

I only have one issue with this drought funding. The $1 million is handed out by Council area. Prior to May 2016, Dubbo and Wellington would have received $1 million each. This would have been a fantastic boost and allowed us to undertake even more projects if the Federal Government had recognised this.

I am organising to meet with Andrew Gee on this issue, and have met with Mark Coulton, who has said he will discuss the issue with the Minister. I appreciate the enthusiasm Andrew and Mark both show for their regions and will be working with them to try and secure what I feel is fair funding for us.

Last Edited: 29 Nov 2018

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