Mayor's Wellington Column 5 December 2018


I have been impressed with the feedback from residents of Wellington and the surrounding villages during my recent visits around the region.

I conducted visits to Geurie, Wongarbon and Wellington, as well as being part of the Community Forum at Wellington Council Chambers on Monday night.

I have heard about a wide range of issues from potholes in roads, right through to the visions people have for the future of the region and it has been fantastic to hear it all.

It is clear from what I have been hearing that roads are the biggest concern of residents. Everyone knows of a road that they feel isn’t up to standard.

One of the biggest challenges this Council faces is tackling the infrastructure backlog around the region, particularly in the former Wellington Shire, so being able to seal every dirt road or redo every existing one right away just isn’t possible.

Council staff have been working hard to prioritise the areas that need work and come up with a schedule to address the biggest problems, with one eye on the future upgrades as well.

However it is important to keep Council aware of any dangerous or serious road problems such as potholes or road edges that are breaking up badly so please report those when you see them.

Next year I will continue my visits to the villages and Wellington for people to talk to me. It is important that everyone feels they have proper access to their Council representatives and great for me to able to hear firsthand what is worrying people.

We will also hold our second Community Forum in Wellington in March next year and I would encourage everyone to come along to that. The first one on Monday saw a small turnout but those who did attend found the opportunity to talk to Councillors and Directors very useful.

Until then, I am always happy for people to contact me, so if you have something you want to talk to your Mayor about, please email me at

Last Edited: 05 Dec 2018

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