Meet and greet give residents chance to talk to Council

Next month Wellington residents will have an opportunity to talk to Councillors and senior staff from Dubbo Regional Council at an informal meet and greet.

This will be the fourth time the event has been held since this Council created the concept last year. Each time it has grown and I think it has become a great way for the community to be able to interact with its Council.

I would encourage the community to come along to the Wellington Civic Centre on Tuesday, 12 November between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

There are very few situations where the community can get easy access to Councillors, the organisation’s CEO and directors at the same time. Even at Council meetings, people can’t have the same two-way interaction as this meeting provides.

At the last one in July, we provided overviews for $40 million worth of projects that are taking place around the town. This time we will focus on the works at the Wellington Aquatic Leisure Centre and the Wellington Caves Visitor Information Centre. Both of these projects are nearing completion and will be important for the city.

The $8.25 million aquatic facility is an amazing thing for Wellington. The old pool had fallen into disrepair and was leaking badly. Not only does the community get a new pool with disabled access but it also gets a new heated learn to swim pool. There are also great new amenities and a multipurpose room.

All of this helps to make it a fantastic feature and attraction for the town.

Similarly, the Wellington Caves are an amazing and unique attraction that play an important role in attracting tourists. Council understands this and are keen to continue to develop it with exciting new additions such as the information centre.

This is the entrance to the Caves so by having a modern and fresh building, it will increase appeal and drive more visitors to this critical and sometimes underrated destination.

The informal meet and greet will be a fantastic chance to have a sneak peek at both of these before they open. In the case of the pool, it will be a matter of days after that it will officially open.

The main reason for the establishment of the meet and greet was providing Wellington residents with an additional opportunity to interact with their civic leaders. This Council has worked hard to ensure the merger between Dubbo and Wellington is successful and that Wellington doesn’t feel like it is being overlooked or left out.

Another initiative I introduced for a similar reason was my Ask the Mayor events. I try to hold one in Wellington every month and in November, I will be appearing just a day after the meet and greet.

On Wednesday, 13 November I will be at Made in Wello between 9am and 12pm so anyone who is unable to make the evening event has another opportunity to talk to me. There is so much going on in Wellington and I am happy to let people know what is going on.

Last Edited: 28 Oct 2019

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