More CCTV makes Dubbo and Wellington safer


Dubbo and Wellington residents can feel safer when walking down the street with 72 additional CCTV cameras installed or upgraded, and now operating across the region. I am a big fan of CCTV because it is a proven deterrent of crime and allows residents to feel safer.

More than $800,000 was provided by three levels of government to make such a project possible and it will have a tremendous benefit for years to come.

The Australian Government provided $300,000 for the project, with Council contributing $280,880 and the NSW Government providing $250,000. In total an additional 28 cameras have been installed and upgraded in Dubbo and with a further 44 cameras added in Wellington.

Last Friday I was in Wellington to mark the completion of the expanded CCTV network. In Wellington the coverage through the CBD is now very good. There are now 66 cameras across 16 sites, with 11 of those constructed through the most recent funding.

Twenty-eight additional cameras were installed in Dubbo, taking the total to 101 cameras across 25 sites.

The cameras being installed are the latest in technology too, with the ability to read number plates and search for identifying features to help in the search for suspects of alleged crimes. All of this helps the police in their efforts to make our streets safe.

Other work carried out through the most recent funding includes the upgrading of a link between the Dubbo and Wellington Police Stations so that the footage from Wellington cameras can be viewed in real time at the Dubbo station.

This is necessary for times when the Wellington station is closed. However it is important to point out that this is no substitute for a 24-hour police station in Wellington and that should still be a high priority for the State Government.

The work was carried out by local contractor, Simtec Surveillance and Security.

Last Edited: 07 Aug 2020

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