New pedestrian bridge to add value to Wellington's Cameron Park


Now that social distancing restrictions are being relaxed, you may notice a new sign in Cameron Park next time you go for a walk.

This very exciting addition is designed to draw attention to Council’s plans for a new pedestrian bridge across the Bell River.

It has been a strong desire of this Council to get a new bridge constructed, with Councillor David Grant having been particularly vocal about the need. I know that like me, he is particularly excited to see this progress made and he is very hopeful the funding can be found to make it a reality. 

For too long people haven’t been able to cross between Cameron Park and Pioneer Park because the old foot bridge wasn’t safe and there has been strong support within the community for a new bridge. Council has put in a significant amount of work on the walking trails in both Cameron Park and Pioneer Park, so being able to link the two parks with a new bridge would provide exercise value and an economic value. 

With the current bridge out of action it has had impacts on events such as Springfest, Red Bull Branched Out and other local events. The Wellington Business Chamber has also been pushing for progress in this area and president Jessica Gough can see the economic benefits to the community.

This Council has been looking into the best way to integrate a bridge and included it in the Cameron Park Master Plan. In an effort to secure funding or grants to construct the bridge, Council has started preliminary concept planning and public consultation.

There are some incredible things happening in Cameron Park already including the new playground, the Wiradjuri Community Space and new amenities block. However we are always looking at ways we can further improve it and in my mind, the pedestrian bridge is the top of the list.

Some people have asked about repairing the old bridge but Council investigated that and it would have been almost as expensive. There was also the concern that the old bridge has stairs and was in no way disability-friendly. The new bridge will be constructed with accessibility as a priority.

In the shorter term, I believe most people would be pleased to see the NSW Government will relax social distancing restrictions from Friday.

This will allow Dubbo Regional Council to reopen some of its parks and opens spaces.

This is great news for people who have been missing the chance to go for a walk or a run or whose children have been missing the opportunity to spend time at playgrounds.

Council will begin opening playgrounds across Wellington over the coming days and weeks, starting with Walkers Crescent, Lions Park and Bicentennial Park from Friday. Other playgrounds and spaces will also open once they are ready.

In Geurie Wise Park will also open from Friday. For those who are interested, the Adventure Playground at Dubbo will also be open from the end of the week.

Other facilities such as Council’s Customer Service facilities at Wellington and Dubbo, and tourist attractions such as the Wellington Caves will remain closed for the near future. A decision on the reopening of such high traffic venues will be dependent on future federal and state government decisions.

It is important to note for facilities that are reopening that Council encourages the community to practise good hygiene. Please don’t visit any Council facility if you are unwell, and it is strongly advised that you wash your hands or use sanitiser before and after visiting, and wipe down any equipment you use.

As restrictions continue to be eased, Council will update you on local changes so keep an eye on my Facebook page, the Dubbo Regional Council Facebook page and for the latest information.

Last Edited: 07 Aug 2020

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