New projects steaming ahead across Wellington


It’s getting closer to the completion of the Wellington Aquatic Centre.  Almost $8 million dollars has been spent on this ultra-modern facility and I’m absolutely certain that Wellington locals are going to be thrilled with the new complex.

The pool is not only heated, but its offerings to children with a state of the art splash pad will be a real icon that will attract people from all over the area.  It’s planned to open mid-November so keep a look out in the Wellington Times for more information.


Speaking about new construction, you have probably seen a lot of work going on at the Council building next door to the pool.

Council is moving the Wellington Visitor Information Centre into the building.  The new fit out will be very welcoming to travellers and visitors to Wellington and will able to share important back office facilities with the existing Council offices.

The new location also means that the visitor’s centre will be much easier to find for people new to town.  It has long been a bit tricky for tourists to find the visitor’s centre in the park but this new location will make this vital economic stand out.


That brings us to what’s happening in the old visitor’s centre building in Cameron Park.

Council is building a new tourist attraction in Cameron Park that will put Wellington on the cultural map.

Construction of the new Wiradjuri Cultural Centre will be a key highlight to respect and honour our local Aboriginal population.  The design and concept of the centre will be respectfully based around local Aboriginal feedback.  Most importantly it will help keep our town’s important Aboriginal history and stories safe for future generations.

A full gutting and reconstruction of the building begins as soon as the Visitor Centre relocates.


There is so much infrastructure springing up in Wellington at the moment. There is also the Wellington Caves Visitor Information Centre which involves a new visitor’s welcome precinct and new café as well as amenities.

This is a great project for an important tourism destination within our region. It is a gateway to the entire region and renowned as a unique and popular attraction.


A big shout out goes to local coffee extraordinaire Jess Gough.  

Jess owns and operates Jespresso Cafe and is also the local Business Chamber Secretary. Jess recently wrote to me requesting Council do more to encourage people to shop locally in Wellington.  

After several brainstorming sessions the ‘Buy Local or Bye Local’ campaign was born.  More than 30 businesses have signed up to be part of the campaign to encourage locals to buy locally by offering prizes if you spend in store.  

More information on the Buy Local or Bye Local campaign is in this week’s Wellington Times and an advertising campaign to the whole region will commence shortly.

Last Edited: 03 Oct 2019

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