Taking Bad Plans for South Bridge Off the Table the Right Move

There is no doubt that the council’s plan for a South Bridge in South West Dubbo has created a lot of chatter among residents – particularly by locals who live in South Dubbo around the Tamworth Street area.

To be clear, the majority of your Councillors, including the two ward representatives of the South Dubbo area, have voted to take the option of building a bridge that takes West Dubbo traffic down Tamworth Street into residential South Dubbo off the table.

We know from 2015 that the residents of South Dubbo want their neighbourhood left alone. Our own Council engineers have even raised concerns about the ability of South Dubbo streets to handle any more traffic movements in the area.

It is incredibly disappointing that despite being a local media personality during the 2015 ‘Save Our South’ public outcry, our local member Dugald Saunders is now demanding that Council put the option of sending excessive amounts of traffic into South Dubbo on the table.

South Dubbo is not designed to take any extra traffic.  It was always designed as a quiet neighbourhood. We know that residents are passionate about their streets and homes in this area. The idea of sending thousands of cars a day though those streets should be opposed – and the majority of your Councillors did so.

Mr Saunders knows all too well that debates over bridges nearly always cause controversy. Council has been opposed to the River Street Bridge for a very long time.  Our preferred option is for a high level Troy Bridge Ring Road – which Dugald Saunders has flatly refused to fund. 

For this reason, Council has to at least have a plan B. We need a plan B because locals know that the River Street Bridge option takes not a single car off Whylandra Street and as such, the Newell Highway in West Dubbo will continue to be congested.

The best outcome for a plan B is to extend Minore Road down past Club Dubbo with a bridge across the river, go around Sandy Beach and directly link into Bligh Street where traffic can access the CBD. Bligh Street is an ideal distributor because it has at least four streets it can offload traffic onto directly into the CBD.  Tamworth Street in South Dubbo offers none of this.

I was elected in 2017 on a promise to not over develop or further congest South Dubbo. I intend to honour that promise.  

It’s for that reason I opposed any option that would wreck South Dubbo.

My suggestion to Dugald Saunders, Councillors Jane Diffey, David Grant and Stephen Lawrence, who are pushing this scheme, is to go and talk to the residents of South Dubbo and they will soon see that the Tamworth Street option must be kept off the table.

Last Edited: 18 Aug 2020

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