The Dubbo Region - helping in tough times

With the Eastern seaboard of our country so tragically affected by unprecedented fire events, none of us are immune from the far-reaching effects of this ongoing disaster that has gripped our state (and nation) since October 2019.

Friends, family, and associates alike – the numbers of Australians directly and indirectly affected by bushfires is staggering. Our hearts and our thoughts go out to those who’ve lost everything and to those who’ve been affected by these fires.

Our region is ready to help in any way required to assist the steady recovery process.  Despite our own ongoing emergency driven by the worsening drought, our region can play a role in being a safe haven for those dislocated by fire – a place to stay with friends and family in our region while lives and homes are rebuilt.

The Dubbo Region is well serviced by state and federal government and welfare agencies, all of whom are equipped to assist with the state-wide bushfire recovery and support services.

Similarly, agencies looking for short to mid-term accommodation for fire-affected people and families should absolutely consider any one of the hotels and motels our region has to offer; with excellent access via road and air to us from major centres in the affected areas.

I know of people in our region who have already opened their doors to those who’ve been affected by fire. It’s a wonderful and typically Australian response and thing to do in tough times.  There is no doubt about it – Dubbo folk are generous!  You just got to look at how our wonderful volunteer organisations like Vinnies and Aussie Helpers have swung into action to know that Dubbo has a heart!

The Dubbo Region knows what it’s like to suffer from a sudden decline of tourism due to natural disaster.  Our ongoing drought has hit our tourism and visitor operators.  We can certainly sympathise with our friends on the east coast.

During our drought disaster, I have been openly encouraging visitors to our region in order to keep our regional economy going.  Likewise, I certainly say to all our locals who see the east coast as their holiday destination don’t lose faith in those communities. For places like Dubbo and these coastal communities, tourism plays a vital role in keeping locals employed and the economy going.

As fire-affected communities re-open for business along the Eastern seaboard, it is important for you to rethink any intention to cancel or postpone your holidays to those areas.  Like our own region, those regions will rely on tourism and trade to recover from their natural disaster.

Last Edited: 18 Feb 2020

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