Time for residents to think about how to save water

Over recent weeks so much has been said and written about our region’s water situation. Most of the focus has been about doom and gloom we find ourselves in.

The situation is serious and that is why Council voted for tighter water restrictions and Wellington is in a tougher situation that most. At the moment it relies solely on the Macquarie River, which is forecast to run dry towards the middle of 2020 if we don’t get any rainfall.

However Council and the NSW Government are working together to find solutions and a way will be found for water to continue to flow through taps in Wellington if and when the river does run dry. Residents shouldn’t be worried about being left without water. That won’t be allowed to happen.

There are a number of options being looked at including looking at bores and groundwater. One existing bore is being established and others are being looked at. Pipelines, including connecting to Dubbo to access its supply, are also being looked at.

Residents and businesses can do their bit by adhering to water restrictions, which are about reducing overall consumption so our supply can go further.

If we all work together to reduce our water usage, we can improve our situation.

Level 3 water restrictions that are in place now focus on reducing outside water consumption for lawns, gardens and pools.

Level 4 restrictions, which come into force on November 1, will further reduce that but also look at decreased indoor usage.

However I would ask everyone to start thinking about ways to be smarter. Looking at ways to reduce consumption and reuse grey water, such as putting buckets in the shower, redirecting water from washing machines onto gardens and making sure the washing machine or dishwasher is full before you turn it on.

When it comes to outdoor water use though, it might be time to make some tough decisions. Dubbo has always been a green oasis in a dry climate but these times call for difficult measures and one is to seriously restrict the amount of water we use on our gardens.

If you start making those decisions about which plants you want to prioritise or how to utilise grey water on your gardens, it will set you up well for when high restrictions come into force.

Until such time as the drought breaks, we will have to be extremely careful with how we use our water.

This involves a change in mentality but I believe the people of the Dubbo Region are capable of it and by working together as a community, we can make genuine change to cut our water usage.

I would ask everyone to stay up to date on the current water restrictions so they can be aware of what obligations are.

Council’s website is a great source of information and I would encourage everyone to head there to find water savings ideas. Visit https://www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/droughthub for more.

Last Edited: 10 Feb 2020

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