Welcome boost to mobile service at Gollan


In our modern world, digital communication is essential and it is virtually impossible to operate without good access to mobile phone reception and data.

Unfortunately, we know too well that both of these have been lacking in some parts of our region.

I am delighted that both our federal members, Mark Coulton in the Parkes electorate and Andrew Gee in Calare, understand the issues and are working hard for improvements.

On Monday I had the pleasure to be at Gollan, where Mr Gee announced that a mobile phone tower would be constructed, which will finally bring to an end years of poor coverage and frustration.

Mobile phone coverage has been a concern of mine for years and when I became Mayor, I made a commitment to push the state and federal government to address blackspots. Gollan is one of the worst so it fantastic news that it has been addressed.

It certainly isn’t the only one, there are still a number of villages, localities and major roads that have no coverage. Eumungerie and Mumbil are two villages that would benefit from increased reception and it is a constant frustration for many on the fringes of Dubbo and Wellington that they have little to no service once they head out of town.

It is very important that the Dubbo Region provides plenty of lifestyle options and that includes village and rural living. However, if mobile and internet options are poor, it is going to discourage many from making the move.

Villages that have good coverage, such as Wongarbon, Geurie and Ballimore, are flourishing and I want all the communities in the Dubbo Region to have the same benefit.

It is also important that roads with high volumes of traffic have good coverage so motorists can feel safe if they have problems or an accident needs to be reported. How many times have you jumped in the car for a trip only to find you have no reception for 90 per cent of the journey? It’s not acceptable.

I acknowledge that in a country as large as Australia and with such a spread out population it is impossible for everywhere to have coverage. However, it should be a goal of governments to work with telecommunications giants to increase coverage and identify key locations for blackspot funding. 

Mr Gee and Mr Coulton have recognized this and have lobbied hard. I feel it’s important that Council and others in the community show them support and make it clear that more is needed so that the government continue to listen to our hard-working MPs.

Our newly elected State MP for Dubbo, Dugald Saunders, has also made it clear he wants to see blackspots fixed and has said he will lobby for his electorate to get its fair share of funding from a $400 million NSW Government commitment to address connectivity problems.

I had preliminary discussions before the election and look forward to working with Mr Saunders to benefit our region with that.



Last Edited: 31 May 2019

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