Wellington businesses to benefit from CCTV subsidy

I am very excited that Wellington businesses could soon have access to a Council subsidy to purchase and install a CCTV system to assist in the battle against anti-social behaviour.

In January I tabled a Mayoral Minute requesting that the Neighbourhood Shopping Precinct CCTV Grant Funding program be extended to include Wellington.

I felt this was important in the interest of equality for businesses in Wellington, because they have has problems with vandalism and crime but not everyone is covered by the Public CCTV System.

Based on my Mayoral Minute a report was compiled and will be presented to the March Ordinary meeting of Council. This report found there was a benefit to expanding the scheme. The item was originally listed to be included in the March Infrastructure and Liveability Committee meeting on Monday night but the matter was deferred so the report could be expanded.

I will certainly be appealing to other Councillors to support this as part of our concerted campaign to address social issues in Wellington.

The great thing about Council’s funding program is that it helps people with the financial cost of purchasing and installing a system. We know these systems can have a positive impact on anti-social behaviour.

They can be a significant deterrent if people know they are at risk of being caught on camera but they can also play a role in catching people who do the wrong thing after the fact.

The Public CCTV System in Dubbo and Wellington is fantastic, and has been established over a number of years to target hot spots. These cameras are very sophisticated where they operate are highly effective but it is also a very expensive system so it just isn’t possible to expand it to cover every business and street.

The locations of the public system are determined in close consultation with the police and also requires extensive funding from the state and federal governments.

This is a great measure for people and businesses who want to install their own system in areas that aren’t covered.

There are some key criteria that must be satisfied before the approval and granting of financial assistance, including a minimum specification of 720-pixel resolution camera with a 30-day retention, a formal quote for hardware and installation, and relevant approvals from building owners for rented or leased premises. 

It is also required that the cameras cover the public space adjacent to the premises and the equipment must be registered with Dubbo Police.

I have received plenty of comments from people about how good Wellington is looking and it has been exciting to see all of the new projects that are now opening or near completion.

Everything is looking up. Now we want a vibrant and thriving retail sector and anything Council can do to assist that will be considered.

As long as this Motion is approved, I am very keen to see this program available for offer as soon as possible and the grant applications starting to flow in from eager businesses.

Last Edited: 06 Aug 2020

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