Wellington going ahead three years after Council merger

It has been three years since Wellington Council merged with Dubbo City to form Dubbo Regional Council.

It's no secret this was an unpopular decision and there was a lot of concern within the Wellington community about being overshadowed by Dubbo and a loss of identity. I would hope that three years on those fears have been alleviated.

I am pleased to see that funding is flowing into Wellington and the villages of Geurie, Stuart Town, Mumbil and Euchareena at an unprecedented level. The bigger Council has meant there are more resources and expertise to assist these places grow and thrive.

Your Council has also played an important part in this. While there are two Councillors representing the Wellington ward, all 10 Councillors have taken an active interest and want to see all corners of the local government area progress. We have the Wellington Community Forum as a way to allow residents to talk to Councillors and senior staff directly.

Over the last three years there have been significant gains made with regards to the beautification of Wellington, especially the CBD. We know Cameron Park is the jewel in the crown and that is why a masterplan has been developed to ensure it is developed in the right way. I can't wait to see the new bridge connecting to Pioneer Park, and a walkway that could become a popular attraction for residents and tourists alike.

Similarly, the Wellington Pool is such an important asset for the community but the old one was beyond repair and considered dangerous. The new pool, which is well into the construction phase, will be fantastic for years to come. It will be more than just a pool, with a splash pad and other features that will also appeal to kids.

We are also looking at other attractions such as the Wellington Caves and have committed plenty of funding to help it reach its potential as a tourism drawcard. With a new Visitor Experience Centre and improvements to the entrance, it will only get better.

There are challenges that need to be addressed in Wellington. There is a significant infrastructure backlog that will require tens of millions of dollars to address. Council has already turned its attention to this and is building it into the budget. Council is looking at its spending and identifying opportunities for savings. Between September 2017 and August 2018, more than $10 million of savings were identified that can be redirected to areas of need.

We are also looking at every possible State and Federal Government grant to find funding streams to help us overcome this.

The first three years of Dubbo Regional Council have seen a lot of progress made and I am confident that will continue for many years to come.


I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Andrew Gee on his reelection as the Member for Calare. I have enjoyed working with Mr Gee since September 2017 and he has already secured some great results for Wellington and the surrounding villages.

I look forward to working with him into the future.

Last Edited: 06 Jun 2019

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