Community concerns considered in Council’s future-proofing of waste management services

A report on the proposed expansion of Council’s Domestic Waste Management service levels, commonly referred to as the two bin and three bin service, will be considered at this month’s Works and Services Committee meeting on Monday, 17 July at 5.30pm.

The two bin service would comprise of a weekly mixed waste pick up and a fortnightly recycling pick up.

The three bin service would provide a weekly organic waste pick up, a fortnightly mixed waste pick up and a fortnightly recycling pick up.

Manager for Infrastructure and Solid Waste Steve Clayton said that the proposal to introduce a three bin service has been in development for over five years as Council has worked through the planning stages, the implementation of the service in a pilot format, applied for and obtained $4.36M in grant funding and undertaken community engagement to inform and consult with residents of Dubbo on the proposal.

“All the information gathered through this process has been used to put together a service proposal that is considered will meet the needs of the community as well as best position Council’s Waste Management capability, at the least cost, well into the future,” he said.

Subject to the acceptance by Council of a tender for the Regional Waste Services Contract, the Works and Services Committee will consider a report recommending that Council expand the service levels of waste collection and processing to the LGA from July 2018 incorporating a “two Bin” service for villages and rural areas and a three bin service for the urban area of Dubbo and Wellington, along with Geurie, Brocklehurst and Wongarbon.

The proposal was initiated by the former Dubbo City Council and since the merger, consideration has been given to incorporating the delivery of waste services in the former Wellington Council area.

The proposed cost for the two bin service is $308 and for the three bin service the cost would be $378, with the prices for these services being harmonised across the Local Government Area.

Currently Dubbo’s two bin service has a cost of $294.96 and Wellington’s single bin service is $347.

Key factors of the report:

  1. Taking a regional approach to waste management, Council has cooperated under a NetWaste funded arrangement to partner with the Narromine Shire and Mid-Western Regional Councils in a joint waste tendering process to ensure the best possible price for each local Government Community.
  2. Council has openly engaged with the community, providing education and undertaken a trial and surveys to gauge acceptance levels and issues of concern, and modified the delivery accordingly. For example:
    • A pensioner rebate of $50 per annum will be offered to eligible pensioner households receiving a three bin service
    • Households with the three bin service who wish to receive a weekly rather than the default fortnightly mixed waste collection can choose a service level upgrade for a charge of $40 per year for weekly mixed waste collection
    • Due to cost efficiencies created by the competitive tender process and grant funding, the proposal includes an extension of the two bin service to Villages of the former Wellington Council and a three bin service to Wellington and Geurie, this expansion will have the same household pricing of Dubbo households.
    • Retirement villages, gated estates and apartment blocks etc will be offered a new weekly skip bin servicing option by Council
  3. Council has favourably positioned itself to minimise the cost of introducing the expanded level of service by securing grant funding, including $3.26M of Organics Processing Infrastructure funding and $1.1M of Organics Collection Infrastructure funding. Council is in the best possible financial position to introduce a three bin service at the least cost and in line with best practice standards.
  4. The Dubbo Regional Organics Processing Plant will contribute $7M to the economy during construction and another $7M during the term of the contract. The total contract service arrangements will generate $30-40M to the economy over the ten years, and will provide employment for 8 full time and 6 part time positions.

As with all Committee meetings, members of the public and the media are welcome to attend the meeting in Council Chambers, noting that consideration of the actual tender report for the service will be considered as a confidential item.

Last Edited: 14 Jul 2017

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