Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – October 2017

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee, and the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee on Monday 16 October 2017.

Agenda items recommended for approval included the acceptance of $4 million in funding for the Boundary Road extension, $50,000 of funding to the Wellington community from the proceeds of a Planning Agreement with Bodangara Wind Farm and Master Plans for Kennard and Cameron parks in Wellington.

Committee recommendations will be formally considered in reports at Council’s ordinary meeting next Monday 23 October 2017 in Dubbo. Full Committee and Council agendas are available on Council’s website

The meetings were Chaired by Councillor Stephen Lawrence who was elected as the first agenda item.


Restart NSW Funding Deed - Boundary Road Extension
The Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee has recommended Council accept an offer of $4M for the NSW State Government’s Housing Acceleration Fund to construct the extension of Boundary Road.

Councillor Lawrence said this recommendation is an important milestone for the infrastructure project that will relieve some of the existing congestion on Cobra Street and provide access to the expanding estates in the South East area of Dubbo.

Bodangora Community Benefit Fund
The Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee has recommended $50,000 available to Council from the Bodangora Wind Farm voluntary planning agreement be disbursed to the Wellington community through a Community Benefit Fund.

Chair of the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee Councillor Lawrence said this is a fantastic way to ensure the neighbouring community benefits from the Bodangora Wind Farm.

“This is part of a million dollar plus agreement with Infigen. $50,000 will be contributed annually for 25 years to a Community Benefit Fund to be administered by Council,” Councillor Lawrence said.

“Council is working with Infigen and community members of the Community Consultation Committee to create an equitable and transparent funding program that will have tangible benefits for the Wellington community.

“It is pleasing to see Infigen taking a responsible approach and supporting the return of benefits to the community,” he said.

Kennard Park Master Plan and Cameron Park Master Plan
In separate recommendations, the Kennard Park Master Plan and the Cameron Park Master Plan have been recommended for approval at next week’s Ordinary Council meeting.

Councillor Lawrence said the Master Plans will guide the future development of the facilities which will benefit sporting groups, residents and visitors to Wellington.

“Both the Kennard Park Master Plan and the Cameron Park Master Plan have been developed through public consultation provide a long-term direction for the development of these important areas,” Councillor Lawrence said.


Building Summary
Council’s summary of Development Applications provided each month to Council shows 219 applications have been approved since the start of the new financial year with a total value of more than $61 million.

Chair of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee Councillor Stephen Lawrence said this is important information for Council to receive as it shows the extent of development across the LGA.

“The Committee also noted Council’s online Application Tracker which lists all development applications, constructions certificates, and complying development certificates and tracks their progress through the approval stages, Councillor Lawrence said.

“This online tracking system is fantastic resource for the public who have submitted applications and wondering when approval will be forthcoming.

The online Application Tracker is available at

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Last Edited: 19 Oct 2017

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