Infrastructure, Community and Recreation and Planning, Development and Environment Committees Council Meeting Outcomes – December 2017

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee, and the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee on Monday 11 December 2017.

The meetings were chaired by Councillor Stephen Lawrence.

Committee recommendations will be formally considered in reports at Council’s ordinary meeting next Monday 18 December 2017 in Dubbo. Full Committee and Council agendas are available on Council’s website


Programs Addressing Inter-generational disadvantage in regional centres
It has been recommended that council endorse a comprehensive report from council staff that examines programs addressing inter-generational disadvantage in regional centres including Burnie in Tasmania and Logan in Queensland.

“In places across Australia local government has been stepping up to address complex social problems. In October Dubbo Regional Council signalled its intention to do the same. This report will play a central role in guiding council’s consideration of exactly how local government in the region can move on long standing social problems”.

“The committee has noted that successful community efforts such as “Burnie Works” are the result of long term and entrenched collaborative activity designed to assist the community address complex and entrenched social issues,” he said.

“What programs such as “Burnie Works” demonstrate is that there are many programs and services available. Key in tackling social problems however is collaboration that ensures the community is getting maximum ‘bang for its buck’, this is what the ‘collective impact’ model is all about,” he said.

Review of the Significant Tree Register
It has been recommended that the reviewed Tree Preservation Order and the Significant Tree Register for 2018 be adopted.

“Dubbo City Council made a resolution to review the Significant Tree Register and the Tree Preservation Order in 1995, and it is now proposed that Dubbo Regional Council continue with the current Register and Preservation Order for the next 12 month period,” Clr Lawrence said.

“All the trees that had been listed on the 2017 Dubbo Regional Council Significant Tree Register have been desktop audited to determine their condition and their suitability to be retained on the register,” he said.

“A total of 6 Significant Tree nominations, consisting of 5 individual trees and an avenue of 18 trees, have been received throughout 2017 including Dubbo, Wellington and the village of Geurie,”

“All these nominations have been assessed and are recommended for inclusion within the Significant Tree Register for 2018,” he said.

It was noted that no trees have been removed from the Significant Tree Register since 2014.

Dubbo Regional Council Sports Council Playing Field Improvement Fund
It has been recommended that the application from the Dubbo Amateur Athletics Club for $2,637 from the Dubbo Sports Council Playing Field Improvement Fund be approved.
“This application is for the purchase and an installation of a new purpose built outdoor barbeque at the Barden Park athletics Facility in Dubbo,” he said.

Planning Development and Environment Committee

Proposed new policy- Council’s response to sick and injured animals not in Council’s care
It has been recommended that a draft Policy “Injured Companion not in Council’s Care” be adopted for the purpose of being placed on Public Exhibition.

“With the absence of any other local organisation able to take on the responsibility of responding to injured animals and to prevent unnecessary suffering of injured companion animals, it will be necessary that Council allocate the required resources for ranger response and veterinary costs should the draft Policy be ultimately adopted,” Clr Lawrence said.

Preparation of a new comprehensive LEP for the LGA

It has been recommended that Council adopt a three stage program for the preparation of a new Comprehensive Local Environmental Plan for the Dubbo Regional LGA.

“All amalgamated Councils are required to prepare a new comprehensive LEP in accordance with the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet,” Clr Lawrence said.

“Preparation of a new singular LEP for the LGA will provide an increased level of parity of planning controls across the LGA and will ensure residents and the development industry have access to an integrated document that will guide the sustainable development of the LGA,” he said.

Last Edited: 12 Dec 2017

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