Council Committee Meeting Outcomes - Infrastructure, Community and Recreation and Planning, Development and Environment Committees – November 2017

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee, and the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee on Monday 20 November 2017.

Committee recommendations will be formally considered in reports at Council’s ordinary meeting next Monday 27 November 2017 in Dubbo. Full Committee and Council agendas are available on Council’s website

The meetings were Chaired by Councillor Stephen Lawrence.


Projects for the building better regions fund-Infrastructure Projects Stream-Round 2
The Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee has recommended Council lodge two applications for grant funding under the Building Better Regions Fund Round 2. One application would be for a Regional Sports Hub-Multi sport indoor centre and the other for the replacement of the Terrabella Bridge.

Councillor Lawrence said since March 2017 Council have been working with relevant stakeholders in developing a precinct that connects sport, education and health.

“The first stage has been the development of an indoor multi-sport centre on CSU land that adjoins Council land that is zoned for recreation,” Councillor Lawrence said.

“Council will be seeking $10 million for this project which is maximum allowable amount for a project under the Building Better Regions Fund,” he said.

“Funding for the replacement of the Terrabella Bridge has been something the former Wellington Council has been planning since 1989 and there is a history of community requests for the bridge to be replaced,” Councillor Lawrence said.

“As the bridge services a large segment of the agricultural sector, a new concrete bridge will reduce the time and distance to transport stock and gran and other produce to larger centres such as Dubbo,” he said.

Opportunities to improve street tree canopy of Dubbo
Recommendations to improve the street tree canopy of Dubbo and community consultation undertaken prior to the removal of public street trees have been made by Council’s Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee.

Committee Chair Councillor Lawrence said that street trees are an integral part of the fabric of an urban area and offer a unique sense of character and identity for our Central Business Districts and surrounding suburbs and villages.

“The community has expressed a desire to be more involved in the discussion regarding the improvement of the public urban forest, especially where street trees are removed for the replacement/upgrading of civil infrastructure.

“Dubbo Regional Council has a responsibility to the community to effectively manage the street trees of the urban areas of Dubbo, Wellington and the villages to ensure that the quality and extent of the urban forest improves over time,” he said.

Rygate Park Master Plan
A draft Masterplan for Rygate Park Wellington has been recommended to be adopted.

“Dubbo Regional Council and the Dubbo Regional Sports Council-Wellington have worked collaboratively to develop a draft Rygate Park Masterplan which was placed on Public Exhibition in August,” Councillor Lawrence said.

“The aim of the Master Plan is to provide a strategic approach for the future development of the complex and ultimately develop it into a multi-sport complex that can cater for up to 10 sports,” he said.

Proposed naming of the grandstand within the Barden Park athletics Facility
The Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee has recommended that Council give consideration to naming the grandstand at the Barden Park Athletics Facility after Mr Ross Poulton to recognise his contribution to the development and continued success of athletics in the Dubbo community.

“Mr Ross Poulton was and continues to be a long term serving member of the Dubbo Athletics Club having contributed more than 50 years to the sport,” Councillor Lawrence said.


Planning Proposal: Additional Permitted Use (Dwelling House) Warrie Road, Dubbo
The Planning, Development and Environment Committee has recommended that approval be sought from the NSW State Government to place a Planning Proposal for 64 hectares of land in Warrie Road, Road Dubbo on public display for feedback and comment.

The Committee has recommended Council move to the next stage of the Planning Proposal process and seek public comment,” Councillor Lawrence said.

“The applicant is seeking an amendment to the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011, to allow for the future development of a dwelling on the land, which is ancillary to a permissible use of the land for the purposes of sheep finishing enterprise.” he said

If endorsed at Council’s Ordinary Meeting, Council will request a Gateway Determination from the NSW State Government Department of Planning to enable consultation with the community and stakeholders.

Planning Proposal: Southlakes Estate, Dubbo
A proposed amendment to the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan has been recommended for approval, which includes a number of changes to the land use zoning regime, changes to minimum allotment sizes for the subdivision of residential land and provision of an area of public open space within Southlakes Estate.

Councillor Stephen Lawrence said the proposal includes the rezoning of 19,500 square metres of land from R2 Low Density Residential to B1 Neighbourhood Centre, which will allow for the future development of a neighbourhood shopping centre on the land. However, any future neighbourhood shopping centre would be limited to a gross floor area of 5,000 square metres.

“The recommended change to the zoning regime in this area will also enable an increase in the variety of housing density to be developed, subject to approval from Council, Councillor Lawrence said.

The Committee’s recommendation will now be considered at Council’s Ordinary Meeting.

Developer Contributions and Associated Issues: Southlakes Estate, South-East Dubbo
A suite of recommendations have been made by the Planning, Development and Environment Committee to assist the on-going development of Southlakes and the South-East Dubbo residential areas.

“Council has engaged with the developers of Southlakes Estate to develop a clear framework for public infrastructure funding and in particular the provision of public open space and stormwater management for the first 950 lots in the future stage of Southlakes Estate Councillor Lawrence said.

“The recommendations will enable Council staff to progress various matters and continue to facilitate development of this important residential release area of the City,” he said.

Development Application: West Dubbo Bowling Club

A Development Application for the extension of the West Dubbo Bowling Club has been recommended for approval.

Councillor Lawrence said the proposed alterations and additions will add some 520 square metres of gross floor area to the Club.

“The developer has also substantiated a reduction in Section 94 Urban Roads contributions payable and a reduction in the total number of parking spaces by providing a detailed Traffic and Parking Assessment,” Councillor Lawrence said.

Development Application: Multi Dwelling Housing, Wingewarra Street
Council’s Planning, Development and Environment Committee has recommended that a Development Application for two lot subdivision, multi dwelling housing and four lot strata subdivision be refused.

Committee Chair Councillor Stephen Lawrence said the recommendation to refuse the Development Application is based on an assessment which deemed the proposed development to not represent the orderly development of the land and could pose a traffic safety threat.

“Varying reasons have been provided for recommending refusal including failure to meet minimum lot size requirements, the proximity of proposed driveways to existing power poles, failure to meet minimum requirements for private open space and dangers related to vehicle access and public safety,” Councillor Lawrence said.

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