Council Meeting Outcomes – December 2017

Dubbo Regional Council held its ordinary Council meeting on Monday 18 December 2017, in Dubbo. The meeting, chaired by Mayor Ben Shields made resolutions in respect of the following matters:

  • Mayoral minute regarding Internal Ombudsman for Dubbo Regional Council
  • Mayoral minute on Mixed Waste Collection
  • Dubbo Regional Sports Council Consultation for Dubbo Regional Council
  • An update on opportunities to improve street tree canopy
  • Container Deposit Scheme: Reverse Vending Machine

Mayoral minute: Internal Ombudsman for Dubbo Regional Council
Dubbo Regional Council has resolved to add the role of an Internal Ombudsman to the current organisational structure.

Mayor of the Dubbo Region Councillor Ben Shields made the recommendation via a Mayoral minute considered by Council.

“I have, for some time, considered a need for a specific Internal Ombudsman to listen to, review and independently assess concerns raised by residents and other stakeholders in our Local Government Area,” Councillor Shields said.

“I have discussed this need with the General Manager whose first-hand experience has been overwhelmingly in support of this role,” Clr Shields said.

Mixed Waste Collection and Review of ‘Three Bin’ Waste Services Contract
Council has adopted weekly mixed waste collection utilising a 140 litre bin as the standard level of service for residents included in the Three Bin waste collection service area.

Councillor Shields said the matter was considered by Council based on a report from staff concerning a variation of the Regional Waste Services Contract which Council had previously entered into.

“There has been a lot of feedback from the community that they were unhappy with the idea of their mixed waste bin only being collected fortnightly,” Clr Shields said. “As a result a request was made to investigate the feasibility of incorporating a weekly mixed waste collection service as the default service level in the three bin collection area.”

“I am thrilled to be able to bring this issue before Council and that Council has resolved that a weekly mixed waste collection will be retained as part of the new three bin service without increasing the charges which Council previously endorsed,” Clr Shields said.

From 1 July 2018 a three bin service will be introduced to the urban areas of Dubbo, Wellington, Geurie, Brocklehurst and Wongarbon. Multiple unit Dwellings are excluded from this service.

Mixed waste 140 litre bin collected weekly
Food and Garden Waste 240 litre bin collected weekly
Recycling 240 litre bin collected fortnightly

The Domestic Waste Management Charge for the three bin service will be $378.

Dubbo Regional Sports Council Consultation for Dubbo Regional Council
Dubbo Regional Council has resolved to proceed with the redevelopment of Victoria Park Number 1 Oval and to establish a specific cycling advisory group to ensure the interests of the cycling club are properly accommodated and the history of the club is recognised when relocating cycling from Victoria Park.

Councillor Shields said full consultation with the respective sports clubs will be carried out as the redevelopment of Number 1 progresses and the cycling track is relocated to be part of a new sports centre hub near the Dubbo campus of Charles Sturt University.

Opportunities to improve the Street Tree Canopy
Council resolved to form a Committee to review proposed removal and/or replacement of trees required to complete infrastructure projects.

The committee will comprise of the Mayor, interested Councillors, the General Manager, the Director Community and Recreation or his nominee, the Director Infrastructure and Operations or his nominee, the Director Planning and Environment or her nominee and four community representatives.

“Council has commenced publicly advertising for the community member of the Committee, with nominations set to close Friday 26 January 2018,” Councillor Shields said.

“This committee will be undertaking a review of Council’s strategic master plan for the City’s tree scape for the considering of Council following a community consultation process,” Clr Shields said.

Container Deposit Scheme: Reverse Vending Machine
Council has resolved Dubbo’s first reverse vending machine should be installed adjacent to the skate park/Men’s Shed area in Victoria Park.

Councillor Shields said the community location is a great spot for the first reverse vending machine in Dubbo.

“This area has been a consistent hotspot for litter in central Dubbo. Installing the reverse vending machine here will be an incentive for park users and it is also easily accessible a central location,” he said.

The network operator, Tomra-Cleanaway is responsible for the installation of the container collection kiosks.

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Last Edited: 19 Dec 2017

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