Council Meeting Outcomes – October 2017

Dubbo Regional Council held its ordinary Council meeting on Monday 23 October 2017, in Dubbo. The meeting, chaired by Mayor Ben Shields made resolutions in respect of the following matters:

  • Wellington Town Assembly
  • Web streaming of Council meetings
  • Social Justice matters
  • Master Planning for the Dubbo Showground
  • Commencing investigations on a constructed lake
  • Abolishing the Ward system and introduction of a popularly elected Mayor

Wellington Town Assembly
A new Wellington Town Assembly will be created following Council adopting the recommendations made in the first Mayoral Minute put to the new Council.

The committee will be formed with Councillor and community representation, Chaired by the Mayor and will meet quarterly to act as an advisory group for matters affecting the town of Wellington.

“Wellington is the second largest population centre in the Dubbo Regional Local Government Area and endorsing this proposal will help ensure Wellington retains its own identity,” Clr Shields said.

“The Assembly will provide another avenue for residents of Wellington to discuss upcoming projects or events in Wellington and meet regularly with Councillors to provide advice on issues specific to Wellington,” he said.

The Wellington Town Assembly will comprise the Mayor, Councillors David Grant and Anne Jones and five representatives from the community to be selected following a public call for expressions of interest.

Web streaming of Council meetings

The General Manager will take the necessary action to implement web streaming of Council meetings after the recommendations in a Mayoral Minute on the subject were endorsed.

“It has been requested that the necessary funding be allocated at the December 2017 review of the Council’s 2017/2018 Operational Plan and Budget to allow for streaming of Council’s Ordinary, Extraordinary and Standing Committee meetings,” Clr Shields said.

“Web streaming of Council meetings is becoming commonplace throughout Local Government in NSW. This provides additional accountability and transparency by Council to the public by allowing a greater audience to view the Council meeting in real time or at a later time convenient to the viewer,” he said.

Social Justice Matters and Crime Prevention
A suite of recommendations that ensures that Dubbo Regional Council play a greater role in helping people and families break the link between intergenerational social disadvantage and substance abuse, criminal behaviour and other social problems have been endorsed by Council.

“Following the election to the office of Mayor, I expressed a commitment to a range of new social initiatives,” Clr Shields said.

“The day has come when as a region we must take our social issues seriously. Despite the good work of our police, crime rates are too high and too many lives are being wasted by drugs, unemployment and poor parenting and the crimes that happen as a consequence,” Clr Shields said.

Some of the recommendations include establishing a Working Party of the Mayor, Councillors Vicki Etheridge, David Grant, Anne Jones, Stephen Lawrence and John Ryan and relevant staff to formulate a draft policy document detailing how Council can lead in addressing entrenched social problems in the community, and that this document provide clear direction on matters such as a drug court, a residential rehabilitation Centre, a youth Koori Court and justice reinvestment initiatives.

Master plan for the Dubbo Showground
The recommendation that funding for an updated Master Plan for the Dubbo Showground be found as part of the development of the 2018/2019 Budget and Management Plan was endorsed.

All relevant stakeholders will be included and consulted at all stages of the design of the Master Plan.

Investigation into the construction of a lake
A recommendation that the General Manager prepare a briefing paper for Council on the feasibility and desirability of the construction of a lake in the Dubbo Region has been endorsed.

This will include case studies of constructed lakes in other areas of regional NSW and will take into account all available documentation summarising prior consideration of the construction of lakes in Dubbo.

Abolishing the Ward system and introduction of a popularly elected Mayor
A recommendation that the General Manager report to the November 2017 Ordinary Meeting of Council on the process to be followed as specified in the Local Government Act 1993 and associated regulations to potentially abolish wards within the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area has been endorsed.

This would include the indicative costing and timeframes to pursue the abolition of wards.

The second recommendation within the notice of motion which requested the same be done in regards to the introduction of a popularly elected Mayor was also endorsed.

Beautification of Neighbourhood Shopping Areas
Council resolved that a plan including costing to potentially beautify the neighbourhood shopping strip clusters including Boundary Road, Tamworth Street, Victoria Street and Myall Street be prepared for further Council consideration.

The plan is to be designed so as to not reduce available car parking in these areas. A further report on this matter is to be presented to Council in February 2018.

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Last Edited: 24 Oct 2017

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