Fine amnesty in place during November

November 2017 is ‘No Fines’ month at all branches of Macquarie Regional Library. Fines will be wiped with no questions asked when overdue books, DVDs, CDs and magazines are returned to the library during November.

John Bayliss, Manager of the Macquarie Regional Library, said “Having a ‘No Fines’ month is a great opportunity for the community to bring back any overdue books and to be able to continue to enjoy the benefits and services of the library without having to pay a fine.

“It is hoped the month-long amnesty will encourage people to locate any overdue items they may have at home and return them to any branch of the library service. This will result in these books, DVDs, audio books and CDs being available for the rest of the community to enjoy.”

“So check your bookshelves, search under the bed, check your car and scan the DVD shelf for any library items,” he said.

“Simply return the overdue item to any branch and present your library card for a free pass on fines,” he said.

The amnesty will run for the whole month of November 2017.

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Last Edited: 27 Oct 2017

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