Dubbo Chamber of Commerce President, Matt Wright and his staff are planning on a safe and happy Christmas party this year with thanks to Dubbo Regional Council’s Plan B- Taxi Home campaign.

The drink-driving campaign is targeting local Dubbo businesses once again this November/December to encourage both employers and their staff to leave their cars at home this merry season and take a taxi home from their work parties instead.

A limited number of $10 taxi vouchers are on offer as well as a $500 catering costs rebate to the business who submits the best anti drink-driving road safety message online explained Dubbo Regional Council’s Road Safety Officer Jayne Bleechmore.

“Those businesses who submit their party details and their anti drink-driving message online via council’s website will be entered into four weekly draws of taxi vouchers and a one-off draw for a $500 rebate on their party costs” said Ms Bleechmore

“Alternatively forms can be completed and submitted at council’s customer service centre in person”.

“The festive season can often promote risk-taking with party goers failing to make their ‘Plan B’ alternative safe travel home arrangements and with over 3,000 Random Breath Tests being conducted in Dubbo last Christmas it is highly likely drink-drivers will be caught or worse still be involved in drink-drive crashes” said Ms Bleechmore.

Toni Beatty, who organises the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Christmas Function, acknowledged that this is the time of year when extra care should be taken not to drink and drive and any incentive to discourage such practice is to be commended.

“It is pleasing to see Dubbo Regional Council taking a proactive role against drink-driving again, especially at a time when more people are out attending Christmas parties and enjoying work drinks with their colleagues”, she said.

“Like other employers and their staff we will certainly be applying for taxi vouchers for our board this Christmas season” said Mrs Beatty “Whether we’re lucky enough to be drawn out for vouchers or not, we will still be ensuring every member of our Chamber board has their Plan B’s in place well before they actually go out”.

Mr Wright would like to see all business owners and managers get involved in the Plan B –Taxi Home campaign and ensure their staff get home safely from work parties this festive season.

“My duty of care to my staff extends beyond the working day and into the evening especially when my staff are attending our Christmas party and I want to see they get home safely. I strongly encourage other employers to do the same thing”, he said, “We all want our staff to get home safely from Christmas celebrations each year”.

Marg Hull, Office Manager for Dubbo Radio Cabs is delighted to be able to help promote the Plan B message to party goers and reminds revellers to ensure they consider catching a taxi after their work parties.

“Don’t put temptation to the test, leave your car keys at home and book yourself a safe taxi ride home” she said “Our drivers are ready to accept the Plan B Taxi Home vouchers right up to Christmas Eve”.

The campaign will be operational from 15 November 2017 to cater for those early work Christmas parties. Applications are invited online or via council’s customer service centre from this day. Although submissions for taxi vouchers will close on 15 December 2017, taxi vouchers can still be used

right up until midnight Christmas Eve as usual.

Taxi vouchers are limited and the number of vouchers drawn will be capped each week to ensure a fair distribution over the four week period. Successful applicants drawn from the entries each week will be notified by council’s Road Safety Officer. Terms and conditions apply.

For further information please contact:
Dubbo Regional Council’s Road Safety Officer, Jayne Bleechmore on 0417 667 984.

Last Edited: 15 Nov 2017

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