Wellington Caves proves a fertile ground for International learning

The Wellington Caves will host two different groups of cave enthusiasts in July, for research, testing and learning purposes.

“On July 17, Associate Professor Armstrong Osborne from the University of Sydney will bring a group of 20 visitors to Wellington Caves on a pre-conference fieldtrip for the 17th International Congress of Speleology which is being held in Sydney between July 23 and 29,” Wellington Caves Manager Jodie Anderson said.

“The group includes leading cave scientists from Brazil, The Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Norway and the USA, a leading French show cave manager and cave explorer, and cave explorers from New Zealand and Norway,”

“A/Prof Osborne, who has been studying the caves for almost forty years, will show the group through Cathedral Cave, Gaden Cave, the Phosphate Mine and Anticline Cave and the group will discuss new ideas about the origin and evolution of the caves,” she said.

“From the 17-21st Of July, Environmental Geophysics students from the University of New South Wales will be visiting and doing some testing and research on the site,” Ms Anderson said.

“This just goes to show what a fabulous asset the Caves are to our region and that the scientific and geological significance of the site is recognised internationally and is just as important as the role they play in tourism,” Ms Anderson said.

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Interviews with Professor Armstrong Osborne are available upon request.

Last Edited: 07 Jul 2017

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